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24 November 2021

By Beccy Fox

Action is the "so what" of learning, when [students] can apply what they have learned to real world situations and where perspective and an empathetic lens can move the action from a "Global North greenwash" to collective and sustainable development... more

By Nicholas Alchin

The aim of our discussions should not be victory but better understanding of other views. That's the long-term work, the hard work. None of us have a monopoly on truth... more

By Nalini Cook

In this episode, Nalini Cook, Head of EMEA Research at ISC Research discusses the latest research into recruitment and CPD in international schools with a panel of experts... more

By Bridget McNamer

So much can change in the reality of a school and school leaders in a two-year span ...With that in mind, let's take a hard look at recruitment lead-times and recognize that longer is not always better. ... more

By Diana Rosberg

Every school has its "official" leadership structure ... But somewhere, deep in the fabric of the school, we always find a ready crew, people who just get things done... more

By Sylvia Johnston

In her Pearl, Sylvia says it's important to "own your successes, share your problems, never be afraid to expose yourself in front of the staff and be vulnerable." more

By ACS Press Office

Students of all ages from ACS International School Egham have been "showing racism the red card" through a series of anti-racism awareness and fundraising activities... more

By Mealea Mang, 15 years

In this video, Mealea shares her perspective on the conventional classroom, establishing healthy classroom relationships, student ownership, and embracing flaws... more

By Daniel Slevin

Standards of excellence for the international educator can create shared understanding between generations and nationalities... more

By Dr. Rachel Ball

How do we evaluate and subsequently address the learning gaps that were widened during the pandemic and how do we prioritize instructional strategies that lead to results? more

By Priscilla Bade-White

The Instructional Hierarchy is a stage-based conceptual model of learning that provides a framework for assessments, differentiation, and instructional methods... more

By Stephen Chatelier, Elke Van dermijnsbrugge, and Mark Harrison

When we start perceiving values, attitudes, and ways of being as measurable units, we are missing something fundamental about what it means to be a human being... more

By Isaias Salomon Torres

Most social studies classes look back on history. AP Human Geography looks at our world and helps to explain it through nearly every other lens besides the historical... more

By Michael Thompson and Sidney Rose

We're a couple of "golden oldies" that have been through-the-mill of international education in many countries and cultures, speaking up for many similarly experienced and skilled educators who because of their age find it more than difficult to secure meaningful work in today's youth-orientated society... more
By Shwetanga Chakrabarty

While much research has been done to attain a better understanding of the gender disparity in STEM, one reason comes up again and again ... bias and stereotypes. A recent study found that both men and women were twice as likely to hire a man for a job that required math. Here is an attempt to understand why this gap exists and how can teachers contribute towards reducing the gap. ... more
By Margriet Ruurs

Books for athletes... Do reading and sports go together? When I conduct writing workshops in schools, I always love being able to involve the PE teacher in the reading and writing process. Here are new and long loved titles about sports! more
By Daniel Kerr

Walking by the early childhood outdoor learning space the other day some children were playing in some leaves that had fallen. They said, "We are looking for fairies who live in these bushes - they float down from the sky on the leaves! My brother says that fairies don't exist but I know that they do". I told them good luck and I went on my way, smiling and thinking about how beautiful that interaction was, and how quickly it made my day... more
By Gregory Hedger

This coming summer, my son Max and I are going to attempt to canoe down the entire length of the Mississippi River (2,400 miles)! In doing this we are going to be raising money for two of the service organizations that the International School of Yangon (ISY) supports. One is United World Schools which our school, ISY has already partnered with to build a school in Myanmar... more
Ariane Baer-Harper has been appointed the Founding Head of School of Brewster Madrid in Spain beginning in 2022.
Emily McCarren has been appointed Head of School of Keystone Academy of Beijing in China.
Emily Sargent-Beasley has been appointed President of the American College of Sofia in Bulgaria.
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