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27 October 2021

By Dr. Conrad Hughes

The Ecole Internationale de Genéve with our historical partners, UNESCO's International Bureau of Education, has developed seven global competences that encapsulate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to flourish as a global citizen and to contribute to a better world... more

By Matthew B. Dwyer

Educators must push back against the focus on division. By asking the questions behind the question we focus on what unites us as humans... more

By Kimberly Cullen

The pandemic highlighted the need for leadership which is empathic, compassionate, vulnerable, and emotionally intelligent - who can tap into their greatest assets - their teachers and staff... more

By Nicole Ifi

In this Pearl of Wisdom, Nicole reflects on lessons learned about delegation and communication. Don't make assumptions and always communicate thoroughly... more

By Robert van der Eyken

Schools from around the world have found creative ways to ensure leadership tasks are addressed by focusing on and empowering their teachers... more

By Nick DeForest

Read a summary of the 2021 Survey of Athletic Directors "State of the Industry" including pandemic related questions and top concerns... more

By Dominique Dalais

This second series explores how international schools, international organizations, and international recruitment agencies are making systemic changes with regards to racial equity... more

By Sofia Alvazzi and Roberta Afonso Jugdar, Grade 10

The YCP is a virtual project aimed to connect youth with changemakers from around the world who are focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to inspire action... more

By Natasha Winnard

Working with the children of our colleagues requires us to pay attention to the positionality of these children, for whom school and home can become all too easily intertwined... more

By Dr. Tiffani Razavi

In a year when human life in all its facets, physical and mental, was dominated by COVID-19, the World Happiness report focuses entirely on the effect of the pandemic.. more

By Uma Shankar Singh

How is the 'Internet of Things' impacting education? Has it made positive impacts in the educational field? Changed how students learn or how schools function? more

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By Daniel Kerr

So an interesting thing happened to me at the end of last year, which really opened up my eyes to how critical it is to spend the time getting to know your community...deeply. Not just the students and parents and faculty, but everyone who works so hard to ensure that our kids have their best possible experience each and every day... more
By Margriet Ruurs

What is home? Home means something different to each person - real readers but also to fictional characters in books. Through books about home, students can recognize themselves or come to appreciate what 'home' means for others. Happy Banned Book week! more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty

Technology is a game-changer, it has helped teachers to create active learning environments, increase assess to content, differentiate for varied student needs and very recently even teach remotely. Throughout the history of technical innovations, technology has aided the art of teaching but not yet replaced the artist, in this case, the teacher... more
By Matthew Piercy

A hybrid is something made by combining two different elements. My earliest understanding was that of the mule, the result of crossing a horse and a donkey. In the field of education, hybrid learning is best defined as some students participate in person, whereas others are online. Educators teaching virtual and in-person learners at the same time... more

Kelly Williams,
HTH Unboxed
Gustavo Sever has been appointed the Superintendent at the Colegio Internacional De Caracas in Venezuela.
William Webb has been appointed Head of School at the Salisbury School in the USA.
Grant Gillies is the new Head of School at the British School of Bucharest in Romania.
Mike Gilmour has been appointed Principal and Head of School at the Knightsbridge House International School, Sentosa Campus in Singapore.
Neal Oats is the new Principal at the Star International School Mirdif in United Arab Emirates.
Iain Ruck is the new Headmaster of Malvern College Qingdao in
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