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10 November 2021

By Kim Cofino

Women leaders share what's different about a leadership interview (in particular a Head of School interview) than what we may be used to in terms of teaching middle level leadership... more

By Kevin Bartlett

We believe that great learning cultures are framed by a few shared principles ... We define a principle as "a shared truth that brings order and freedom to a system." more

By Students at the International School of Luxembourg

When incidents of racism and anti-Semitism happened in their school, the students at the International School of Luxembourg (ISL) took matters in their own hands... more

By Ann Marie Christian

Safeguarding and child protection awareness is not yet consistent across the world and children are still at risk of harm... more

By Nicholas Garrison

What is the impact of architectural design on the way students feel about the schools they attend? Welcome? Important? Loved and respected—or "just a brick in the wall?"... more

By Sandrine Wessels, Grade 12

A Grade 12 student at The International School of Zug and Luzern, speaks on the topic of depression and the experiences of students and teens struggling with mental health. more

By William Pamperin

Writing an IB Extended Essay in Mathematics has not been so much of a hot topic for a variety of reasons, be it general interest, preconceptions, and sometimes fear... more

By Eleni Vardaki and Megan Norton

Good time management is important for any teen's well-being and academic success - and even more so for Third Culture Kid (TCK) teens who are constantly on the move... more

By Heath E. Capello

Heath challenges us to be critical with our past in order to "harness lessons for the future." He reminds us that mental health and well-being are a part of our personal and professional success... more

By Akofa Wallace

Laura England, a UNIS Hanoi Middle Years Programme (MYP) English teacher is receiving rave reviews from around the globe for her most recent book, Skills for Success for the Personal Project... more

By Amira Hachem

Yoga and mindfulness equip our learners with tools to promote focus, greater self-awareness, emotional regulation, and compassion... more

By Talon Podcasts

In this episode, fifth grade students talk about the need to rename Columbus Day in the Americas and propose three ideas for change... more

By CMRubinWorld

The Planet Classroom Network's YouTube Channel will stream a stunning collection of shorts and features from some of the most talented and up-and-coming indie and youth filmmakers worldwide... more

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By Stephen Dexter, Jr.

I work in a school. I don't want to stand in the way of the pursuit of talent. But too often I feel that we do. I want to be a catalyst for the pursuit of interest, not an obstacle. And most importantly ... I want to get people to believe in their ability to do something even though they think it's impossible... more
By Margriet Ruurs

The global Covid-19 pandemic has already led to new books to help children get a grasp of the unusual situation. These books may help educate but also help to realize they we are not alone in trying to cope in a difficult situation... more
By Matthew Piercy

The next several months of recruiting season are exciting for many teachers and administrators. Having resigned, lives are once again lived on the "wire." As a teacher of inquiry there seems to be a valuable ordering to the questions which might propel the decisions so many are about to make... Trust is what ultimately is required here. Confidence in yourself but moreover, a deep sense of trust in the process, and in life... more
By Daniel Kerr

Almost all of the time, we come to a space meaning well and wanting to do our best. We want people to know this about us, and we should commit to knowing this about others too... My challenge for all of us ... is to practice this skill intentionally. Remind yourself ... that everyone is meaning well and doing their best. Practice this skill of presuming positive intent and watch your life, and the lives of others start to change for the better... more
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Approaches to 'innovation'
EAL programs
School-wide inclusion statements/practices
Student-Led conferences
Assessment policies and procedures
PD for PYP Science
PE Skills-based Units
Covid Positive procedures
Middle School Math programs

The 180 Blog,
Turn Around for Children

Tanmay Sinha and Manu Kapur, Review of Educational Research

James Fallows,
Breaking the News
Tim Jefferis has been appointed Headmaster of Malvern College Qingdao in China.
Abi Lewis has been appointed Head of School of Nobel Algarve British International School in Portugal.
Barbara Vollrath has been appointed Head of School of Woodford International School in The Solomon Islands.
Sean Areias has been appointed Head of School of International School of London Qatar in Qatar.
Ana Catalina Romero has been appointed Director of Teaching & Learning / IB Programs Coordinator of Magic Years International School in Thailand.
James O'Malley has been appointed Head of School of Ruamrudee International School in Thailand.
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