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15 September 2021

By Dr. Kristen MacConnell

The pandemic has challenged us to think more deeply about our teaching practice and how to best support student learning. While many of the conversations in schools have focused on designing and implementing rapidly changing instructional delivery models (in person, hybrid, and online), another important, parallel conversation has been happening: the shifting landscape of professional learning...more

By Kim Cofino

Many experienced women in education describe feeling some level of imposter syndrome. Even though they are already accomplished and demonstrating leadership, they still don't quite feel like leaders... more

By Darnell Fine

When I critique the Eurocentricity and white supremacy embedded in international school curricula, it is often in regard to what is taught.. more

By Rama Ndiaye and Nayoung Weaver

The Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color (AIELOC) organized its first-ever Summer Institute of five sessions in 2021. The series of workshops featured leaders in the international education sector... more

By Rachel Ball

As students return to their in-person learning settings, teachers will be confronted with the common challenge: How to assess and address the learning gaps that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic... more

By Natasha Winnard

Often in international school communities we wear many hats. We may be a teacher but also a colleague, supervisor, parent, friend, or possibly the partner of an administrator. Sometimes it can be a challenge to navigate these multiple roles and wear these different hats. One of the most challenging can sometimes be the teacher-parent hats... more

By Sajitha Chacko

In this pearl, Sajitha Chacko, a practicing international school counselor offers a helpful, practical strategy for helping students struggling with difficult emotions... more

By John Mikton and Dan Taylor

In this week's podcast, we spoke with Dr. Kristen MacConnell, Director of the Teacher Training Center (TTC) Programs. Kristen shares her learnings, opportunities, and pinch points moving hundreds of participants/educators to a new online venue and approach.

By The International School of Luxembourg (ISL)

ISL students Sam Nati, Piper Yarborough, and Victor Antonyuk interviewed Matthew Dwyer, English B & TOK Teacher, James Penn, IB History Teacher, and Nicholas Alchin, Head of Campus, UWCSEA East ... more

By Jacqueline Fabius

The children were traumatized since the majority lost at least one, if not both parents in the 2010 earthquake. However, the new locale is very secure. It shook, but everyone is safe!... more

By Megel Barker

This week marked my first week as a Middle School principal and I am already relishing the opportunity to lead my team but also be an inspiration for the members of my school community. ...more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty

In a recent senior leadership meeting, we were evaluating our leadership strategies amidst the Covid pandemic. It was interesting to note the complexities in leadership approaches especially considering the shift in perspectives due to Covid... more
By Matthew Piercy

Barshim, Biles, Hubbard, Tamberi, Tsimanouskaya.
Names to remember but moreover examples for our students to follow. Qatar, United States, New Zealand, Italy, and Belarus. The athletes represent five different countries and five different events... more
By Margriet Ruurs

When teaching writing to children, we often talk about the importance of voice. Who is telling the story? Is it a narrator or a character? The following picture books and novels all use a unique voice to tell their story... more
Jason McBride has been appointed Head of School at IGB International School in Malaysia.
Lesley Tait has been appointed the Head of School at Lincoln Community School in Ghana.
Dr. Tracy Arnold has been appointed Middle School Principal at Lincoln International School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Rebekah Madrid has been appointed the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Lincoln School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Stephen Conroy has been appointed Middle School Associate Principal at Hong Kong International School.
Laura Light will become AAIE's next Executive Director, beginning October 1, 2021.
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