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9 November 2022

By Kimberly Hall

The American School of Kinshasa (TASOK) celebrates Congolese culture every year for a week in October. This tradition, known as Congo Week, has been in place since 2009... more

By Jon Nordmeyer

Understanding the implications of EAL fees on students, teachers, classrooms, and overall equity helps us move toward improving this system… more

By Natasha Winnard

There are a number of reasons why a gap year may be something to consider for internationally mobile students… more

By Jeff Utecht and Tricia Friedman

If our SEL lessons do not include conversations about the effects of social media… more

By Dr. Virginia Rojas

A call for us to rethink the oppositional intentions of English only vs. translanguaging in school policies and classroom practices… more

By Sue Easton

Each graduation certificate is recognized by international schools as evidence of a commitment to personal and professional growth... more

By Yujiro Fujiwara

Recommendations for administrators for increasing the effectiveness and accountability of the learning team in schools… more

By Richard Harrold

Without a deeper understanding of how to use Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) data-generated reports, meetings often fail… more

By Inês Rosa, Grade 11 student

It can be hard to ask for help in new situations and the best way to feel safe is by learning how to cope with the hardest moments and how to enjoy the best ones… more

By Dan Worth

Keeping education going must remain the top priority, whatever the situation… more

By Gail Smith

Dedicating time to meet with faculty and staff one-on-one is an investment worth making… more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty

Veil or no Veil? A question that women have pondered for centuries. Do we have an answer? Yes, we do, a veil if others demand of us and no veil if others permit us... more
By Paul Magnuson

The school year got off to a rocky start. Due to the strict zero COVID policy in China, Shekou International School (SIS) went online for two weeks again and the difficulty of online teaching really got to everyone... more
By Margriet Ruurs

A brand new picture book is always a joy to discover. Share these titles out loud with your class or use them to encourage readers to discover new favorites about interesting topics... more
By Tony Deprato

Have you found joy in completing a school enrollment or admissions form? Did you find yourself smiling after submitting a school tour inquiry? Probably not... more

Mollie M. Monahan. Ph.D.
Teaching While White
Anita Brady has been appointed Primary Vice Principal of Student Wellbeing and Designated Safeguarding Lead of the International School of Paris in France.
Matt Manfredi has been appointed Head of School of Sandnes International School in Norway beginning January 2023.
Geeta Jayanth has been appointed Head of School of Bangalore International School in India.
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