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17 February 2020
Growing Up Global

By Dr Danau Tanu

"Racism" and "global citizenship" sound incompatible. This past year, however, we've been forced to acknowledge that systemic racism exists even within the international school ecosystem, where students unknowingly absorb the racial biases of a hidden curriculum.... more

By Will Richardson & Homa Tavangar

In their free ebook, BIG Questions Institute co-founders Will Richardson and Homa Tavangar offer practical steps to reflect on who we are now as individuals and institutions and to begin a process of reinvention to ensure our students can thrive in an increasingly uncertain future.... more

By David L. Di Maria

Over the past four years, the Trump administration made it difficult for students from other countries to study in the U.S. The author sees President Biden's rollbacks on Trump's travel restrictions as signaling new opportunities for international students... more

By Jonathan Butcher

As Principal of Berlin Brandenburg International School, Jon Butcher offers some hindsight on 2020 and thoughts about the toll it has taken on his staff. "We must take care of our teachers," he insists, stressing the importance of offering them our sincere respect and appreciation... more

By Sadie Hollins

With the onset of the pandemic, talk about wellbeing exploded. Schools were simultaneously contested as sites of poor wellbeing and under pressure to actively promote its importance. Sadie Hollins reminds us that wellbeing is individual to each of us, just like a fingerprint... more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarti

Teacher burnout rate has always been a concern. Teachers burn out as they carry the burden of the education system, policies, national ideologies, global perspectives, parental demands, societal pressures... all while doing their day-to-day jobs. Burnout is definite and drastic! How can important stakeholders help prevent teacher burnout?.... more
By Daniel Kerr

So it's that time of the year again when I get to order books for my birthday, which is my favorite gift ever because it keeps on giving for months and months and months. The deal is that I have to finish reading all of last year's books before I get to order new ones, and this year I actually finished a while ago due to the lockdowns and quarantines that we all went through... more

By Nayoung Weaver

Since international students are brought into tertiary education systems to diversify them, writes college counselor Nayoung Weaver, colleges should accordingly take responsibility and provide a supportive environment for these students rather than expect them to "orient."... more

By Paul Olson

Margie Olson announces the publication of her late husband Paul Olson's fiction book, Nestlings: Stories of Expatriate Life in Africa. Paul grew up in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read an excerpt... more

By David Willows

Has Covid-19 already started to mold and influence the ways in which today's generation of students will choose the right school for their children? David Willows decided to test this idea on the school-aged people in his own family.... more

By Richard Bampfylde

The nearly 150-year-old British Quaker school in Mount Lebanon raised over US$130,000 since August 2020 from 175 donors to support school families with tuition fee payments and for those directly affected by August 4th explosion... more
By Emily Meadows

The conversation around transgender athletes has been roused again of late, given the Biden administration's recent guidance on gender inclusion in schools. Those against inclusion usually push the angle that girls' sports are at risk of being overrun by trans athletes who will snap up all of the titles, leaving cis girls with no chance to compete. This is irrational fear-mongering.... more
By Matthew Piercy

"Put your hands up if you can name a YouTuber."
Eighteen hands shoot up.
"Two Youtubers?"
"Keep your hand up if you know three YouTubers."
even hands remain in the air.
"Hands down. Now, raise your hand if you know what is going on in neighboring Myanmar."
Two hands hesitatingly raise up.... more

By Lawrence Shepherd

All Grade 11 students were given the opportunity to organize a senior school Creativity Activity and Service project. When no one else stepped forward, Lawrence Shepherd raised his hand. The experience was challenging but a huge lesson in student agency... more

By Rachel Ball, Stronge & Associates

Teachers in a virtual setting may observe a lack of student engagement during synchronous instruction, resulting in classroom discussions that feel strained. Here are some instructional tips that will support the integration of class discussion in your current teaching context... more
By Margriet Ruurs

What thousands of teachers have been trying for many years was recently accomplished by one young poet: Amanda Gorman reawakened the world to the power of poetry... more

By GOA Staff

Part of fulfilling GOA's mission is ensuring our focus is on learning experiences that are inclusive, cultivate belonging, and intentionally fight embedded inequities in education in areas ranging from content curation to assessment design to feedback and communication.... more

By Kim Marshall

Being a curricular gatekeeper is especially challenging in the current era. In this article, Wayne Journell insists that teachers have always had a responsibility "to turn classrooms into spaces where reason and inquiry trump ignorance and hyperbole"... more
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Katherine Huamani will serve as Early Childhood Principal at Cayman International School, Cayman Islands beginning August 2021. She is currently the Head of Lower School at St. Anne's Episcopal School in Colorado, USA. She was formerly Associate Division Head at Avenues: The World School.
Robert Doyle has been named Secondary Principal at Istanbul International Community School, Turkey beginning August 2021! He is currently High School Principal at the American International School Dhaka, Bangladesh. He previously served as Assistant High School Principal at the Anglo-American School Moscow.
Lural Ramírez has been appointed Head of School at UWC Thailand in Phuket after seven years leading Futuro Verde in Costa Rica. She is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the field of preschool, primary and secondary education.
Jason McBride will be moving to Kuala Lumpur in July to join the team at IGB International School (IGBIS) in Malaysia. Jason is currently serving as Head of School at UWC Thailand after having previously been with schools in Canada, Mexico, England and the UAE.
Nancy Le Nezet has been named High School Principal at The Seoul Foreign School. Currently serving as Interim Head of the Swiss International School in Qatar, she has extensive experience in International Baccalaureate education and excellence in pedagogical skills.
Frankfurt International School (FIS) has appointed Jean-Marie Khan as the Elementary School Principal at the main Oberursel campus. She currently serves as Principal of AIS Kuwait's large middle school. Her first Principalship was at Carlton Innovation School in Salem, MA.
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