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7 July 2021
By Leo Thompson

If you attempted to build a model to reflect contemporary global citizenship work, what would it look like? What would you include? How would you arrange it? And what would you emphasize? Introducing an inclusive global citizenship model and linked resources to help busy educators and invite further discussion and impact.. more

By Kevin Bartlett

The CGC team looked at the current state of play in 'the learning game' and saw too many things that didn't make sense to us. Where there should be connections, we saw gaps... Gaps between what we promise and what we deliver. We looked at it all and thought, 'We've had it with that!'.more

By Laurie Forrester

How have schools pivoted to meet the needs of students and families in the last year? What have we learned about ourselves, our students, and our supports in complex times? more
By Dr Karen L. Taylor

In grappling with the complexity of learning one might say that on the surface there are facts, information, and simple processes. On a deeper level, we find complex concepts and universal understandings that emerge from the organization of facts and information. more

By Dr. Paul Richards

I have taught CRT for the past ten years in three different overseas American schools, and that experience has solidified my unequivocal belief that teaching diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to an effective liberal arts education... more

By Emily Meadows & Tamara Friedman

We are white international educators showing up to do the work of whiteness accountability as one piece of anti-racism progress. For our August 26 meeting we will discuss books selected by our members for summer reading... more

By Jill Alali

Fairgreen International School is the first school in Dubai to introduce a revolutionary, data-driven Functional Movement Physical Education Programme, a system of movement screening and remediation to promote optimal physical wellbeing for its students... more

By Jaleea Price

A small group of International School Bangkok (ISB) students were guided by professors as they literally connected their embodied knowledge to the laboratory testing capabilities of motion analysis... more
By Ryan Harwood

I'm excited to introduce my new podcast "Home is..." A podcast for wanderers that will take you around the world to explore the definition of home. In each episode I'll connect with international educators and expats for a conversation about life living abroad, figuring out new places, feeling out of place and trying to find a sense of home.

In this episode Ryan talks to his friend and fellow international educator, Robb about his ideas of
"home" as a third culture kid... more
By Bambi Betts

What are nearly one thousand international school educators representing 74 nationalities doing as you are reading this?

They are zooming in from 386 international schools, from every time zone around the world at the Principals' Training Center Virtual Institutes and experiencing an intentionally intense and focused professional learning opportunity... more

Green School Bali is honored to launch the Young Green Leaders Award, an opportunity to celebrate young, green changemakers in Indonesia who are making a local difference for global change.If you know a student aged 12-16, working on a project to make our world sustainable, we want to hear about it! more

By Suzanne Laong & Liam Hammer

There are two extremes of thought on how COVID has interrupted schooling; one view is that the pandemic represents an opportunity to reassess, reevaluate and reimage education in the 21st century; the opposite view is that the students, teachers, and schools have done well enough just to survive the pandemic... more
Dominique Dalais interviews Cicely Blain, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion consultant and Antoinette Blain of Aga Khan Academies.

In Conversations With an International Teacher of Colour, Dalais asks members of international schools, international organizations, and international recruitment agencies about the systemic changes they are making with respect to racial equity.... more

By Lori Langer de Ramirez & Martina Mencer Salluzzo

During the Covid crisis, language teachers worked to expand our digital toolkit and find ways to connect our students with the world outside our Zoom rectangles. One way that language teachers make those connections is through virtual travel...more

By Megel R. Barker

School leaders have always had to wear "masks" in order to be successful change makers. Leadership is surely about being honest but isn't it also about being cool under pressure? But where and when can school leaders remove their masks and just let go? more
Have you announced your new position yet?
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty

We all know what a hangover is, and we all (almost) know how to get over one. But there is one hangover that stays forever, I believe it is the high school hangover. You suffer from the high school hangover if you have the following symptoms... more
Global Book Reviews

By Margriet Ruurs

What difference can one person make? Have you discussed global warming, Black Lives Matter and gender equality in class? These books about activism are shining examples of how you cán change the world, one issue at a time.... more
Nick Casey has been appointed the Director of Teaching and Learning at Dulwich College Suzhou.
Doruk Gurkan has been appointed the Head of High School for the Shanghai United International School.
Kevin Fullbrook has been appointed the Director of the Al-Bayan Bilingual School.
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