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1 September 2021

By Jessica Huang

As we welcome students back this year, let's untangle ourselves from our long list of "to-do" items to recognize that none of us are the same... This is a call to normalize the space that we all need to humanize this moment. To leave space for all that we and young people need in order to journey on a path to healing and create a more liberating school environment.…more

By Bradford Philen

The start of a new school year and a moment of panic at home forces a high school English teacher in Manila to reflect upon the mighty words of James Baldwin, and the importance of rescue and recovery in the world of distance learning...more

By Emily Meadows

Safe Space signs are used to signal that the room they adorn is a "safe space" for all people, particularly including LGBTQ+ folks...more

Three International School educators have been selected for the 2021 National Distinguished Principals Award for Secondary Schools. more

By Dr Karen L. Taylor

There is a difference between knowing and understanding. A list of facts is not going to get you very far in the long run...more

By Kevin Bartlett

When we set out to re-engineer learning, it felt like common sense to start by defining it. We're all in the learning game, so wouldn't it be sensible to decide what learning actually is before we start trying to make it happen? more

By Sherri Spelic

"What's the preparation [we] need?" is the question too rarely posed before school communities make a visible push for equity. For sustained and sustainable equity and justice work I don't see any way around taking the time to acknowledge our unique positionalities in the planning and implementation processes we adopt... more

By Doline Ndorimana

In the spirit of listening and elevating student voices, TIE is creating a "Dear Teacher" series to designate a space to have these voices heard. The purpose of this new series is to create a respectful, solution orientated platform for student voices to be amplified into positive change...more

By Nancy Fairburn

"Pearl of Wisdom" shared during the PTC summer training session by educator and leader, Nancy Fairburn. When a problem presents itself, and it seems to be an ongoing problem, go upstream to consider what's the bigger issue up there...more

By Margaret Park
Seoul of a Leader is committed to leadership development and equipping others to become stronger leaders who would make positive change in their spaces...more

By Richard Bampfylde

One year on from the devastating August 4th Beirut port explosion... more

By Meghan Svenonius-Lydon

Maximizing teacher effectiveness is a vital element of improving teaching and learning...more

By Sam Fraser, ISC Research

The new Heads Up series hosted by ISC Research kicks off with an insightful discussion about shifts in teaching and learning practices at international schools. Research Director Sam Fraser talks to Dr Kristen Weatherby, a researcher and consultant in education technology and teacher policy, about the results released in the new Teaching and Learning in International Schools Report. more
By Shwetangna Chakrabarty

I will be taking on the role of IB Middle Years Programme (for 11 to 16 years) Coordinator starting this academic term. I have been the IB Diploma Programme (for 16 to 19 years) Coordinator for a long time now, so this is a big transition for me. Taking about transition, my first goal is to put together a transition programme for primary students coming into secondary school... more
By Matthew Piercy

Technologies continue to outpace us. As a society we are often unable to keep up. Take for example the task of explaining the differences between cryptocurrency, blockchain, and a ledger? We may have heard of each but do we understand them well enough to teach? Or, on an even deeper level, are we able to comprehend the implications they likely will have not just in the financial world but also into education? more
Global Book Reviews

By Margriet Ruurs

These global picture books and novels are placed in different countries. Reading stories from around the world will help students of all ages to both appreciate other cultures as well as recognize their own cultural backgrounds...more

Digging a Little Deeper
Maya Nelson has been appointed the Interim Head of School at Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia
Heidi Cavanagh has been appointed the Director at American International School of Nouakchott in Mauritania
Brian Kissman has been appointed Head of School at Vision International School in Qatar
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