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2 February 2022

By Leo Thompson

A model to highlight a range of discriminatory issues affecting our schools and how we can help to resolve them. Leo critiques his own model and invites you to adapt it to your context... more

By Jennifer Abrams

Our ability to collaborate and our willingness to engage respectfully with one another matters for the health of the school and the collective well-being of all within it... more

By Kevin Bartlett

At the heart of our Ecosystem is one simple Impact Goal...We build Expert Learners, with deep conceptual understanding of ideas that matter, high levels of competency in key skills, and strong positive moral character... more

By Kimberly Cullen

Raise Her Up and Sidecar Counsel are partnering to sponsor two women leaders at the Sidecar Summit in July 2022. The scholarships will be awarded to participants who have demonstrated a commitment to raising other women up through their words and actions... more

By Lural Ramirez

In this Pearl, Lural challenges us to lead more than we manage, to be brave in the face of challenges, particularly when it comes to the challenge of social justice... more

By Tania Mansfield

The new IB process for evaluation is the presentation of a Programme Development Plan (PDP). Schools engage in a continuous cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection that reflects the school's context and strategic goals... more

By Ben Fishman

Today's school counselors play an integral role in schools, but sometimes old stereotypes can limit the understanding of how they can help and support students. Here are some ways educators and students can engage, utilize, and understand the role better... more

By Bernardo Rios

High School students at the American Cooperative School in La Paz, Bolivia, developed a transformational impact project dealing with water waste and the Sustainable Development Goals... more

By Lou-Anne, year 11

A year 11 student from Utahloy International School, China shares cartoons to "make the current affairs in school more accessible and interesting for students." more

By Emma Chittleburgh

The Excellence Fund at Alsama's Education Institute has just seen its inaugural cohort, two refugee teenagers, complete their first term at Brummana High School... more

By The International Schools Podcast

In this episode, Liz Free and Viki Stiebert share their journey as international school educators and school directors, looking specifically at the leadership experience during the pandemic... more

By Edward E. Greene, Ph.D

While enduring the unusual and abnormal, the vast majority of schools have managed to persevere thanks to the dedication of teachers, families, Boards, and thinly stretched leaders... more
By Daniel Kerr

So it's that time of the year again when I get to order books for my birthday, which is my favorite gift ever because it keeps on giving for months and months and months. The deal is, as most of you know, that I have to finish reading all of last year's books before I get to order new ones, and this year I just finished over the winter holiday...just in time! more
By Nicholas Alchin

Economist John Kay tells the story of arriving at Paddington train station, London to visit friends whose nearest underground (subway) station was Lancaster Gate. Kay followed the standard London Underground map, taking two stops on the Circle line, changing lines at Notting Hill Gate, and two further stops on the Central Line, as you can see here... more
By Paul Magnuson

I've argued elsewhere that we should indeed take a look at how often we assess, to what extent our assessments are comparisons of students used mostly to sort them into categories, and even the need for so much assessment in the first place. more
By Shwetanga Chakrabarty

Recently while discussing the solutions of the IB Year 10 e-assessment with my mathematics students, I was impressed with not only their mathematics skills ... They were also able to predict trends, identify patterns, and propose solutions. This made me think about how important it is to teach mathematics if we want a sustainable future... more
By Margriet Ruurs

As an adult I love reading teen and YA novels. There's nothing better than curling up with Because of Winn-Dixie or The Library of Ever. But which new novels are coming out now? And what are they about? Here are some reviews to help educators put books in the hands of readers. Happy Reading!... more

Alejandra Neyra
and Kate Taverner

Julia Freeland Fisher
Christensen Institute
Jodi Burnside has been appointed Director of Ashgabat International School in Turkmenistan.
Katie Holmquist has been appointed Director of Instruction at Baku International School in Azerbaijan Republic.
Laura Hayward has been appointed the Director of Instruction at QSI International School of Atyrau in Kazakhstan.
Leah Jamele has been appointed Director of QSI International School of Shenyang in China.
Natalie Mahon has been appointed Director of Instruction at Almaty International School in Kazakhstan.
Terry Burns has been appointed Director of Instruction at QSI International School of Astana in Kazakhstan.
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