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27 September 2023

By Jessica Schultz

By embracing AI with confidence, we can inspire hope and guide student towards a future with endless possibilities and a zest for lifelong learning… more

By Juan Jacobs Sheblak

Culture is just one dimension of a person's multifaceted identity. No single identity or life circumstance can predict a person's cultural background… more

By Yeji Kloosterman and Matthew Kloosterman

Due to the nature of working with people from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds, defining the term “international” is challenging... more

By John Bray

Change in how we assess is happening but slowly. There are ways schools can adapt, even within structures with culminating examinations... more

By Edward Pearce

When building a positive, unified school culture, look no further than your mission, vision, and pillars, and lead with values-based decision-making… more

By Kim Cofino

When coaching is done right, coaches can do so much more than “just” improve student learning… more

By Jérémie Rostan and Beth Stark

AI integration will not be truly effective and impactful in education unless it helps us to augment and amplify excellent pedagogical practice... more

By Jaya Ramchandani and Cary Reid

Steps to inform and inspire the next phase of educational transformation, fueling collective action that spurs more reform. more

By Anthony Gonsalves

In the end, it's not just about meeting deadlines; it's about empowering students to become lifelong learners... more

By Dan Worth

In this episode, Daniel Jones discusses how Globeducate is managing the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence… more

By Ellen King

In this pearl, Ellen shares that “growth doesn’t happen when you’re in your comfort zone”... more
By Paul Magnuson

As we come back to another school year, I’m sure that more than a few international schools have strengthened their commitment to teaching about the climate crisis. For those schools that have not, please consider doing so... more
By Daniel Kerr

So at the end of last school year, I helped to facilitate a leadership team activity that asked each of us in the room to think about one simple thing that we, as career educators, know to be true about ALL kids... more
By Margriet Ruurs

Special places, special times, special people… Books can show you these and help you to understand things better than anything else. These wonderful books do just that. Use them for quiet reading or for classroom discussions... more

Robin Lake
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Anita McCallum has been appointed Founding Primary Principal of KIS International School Reignwood Park in Thailand.
Rick Odum has been appointed Secondary School Principal of Canggu Community School in Indonesia.
Winsome Saldanha has been appointed Head of School of Thalun International School in Yangon Myanmar.
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PTC-GTC International School Governance Matters
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Oct 28 - Dec 20, 2023
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Nov 5, 2023
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