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Friday, 14 June 2024
Educators’ Beliefs Drive Educators’ Behaviors

Educators’ Beliefs Drive Educators’ Behaviors
By Steve Barkley
May 2024
In this episode, Kyle Coppes, an international school secondary Principal, shares the thinking behind his article, Student Laziness Is a Myth. Here’s Why…

How AI Tutors and Teaching Assistants Will Transform Education

How AI Tutors and Teaching Assistants Will Transform Education
By Duncan Crawford
Apr 2024
Exploring the implications that thinking and learning machines pose for students, teachers, and society as a whole with Khan Academy founder, Sal Khan…

Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring, with Nueva School’s Lee Fertig

Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring, with Nueva School’s Lee Fertig
By Josh Reppun
May 2024
This episode dives into the PTC’s commitment to excellence and innovation and the Nueva school, a community dedicated to learning by doing and caring…

The Future of Classroom Digitalization

The Future of Classroom Digitalization
By Dr. Matt Glanville and Yoon Byun
Jun 2024
A conversation on the future of digitization in the classroom including benefits, limitations, and challenges…

Episode 88: The International Educator (TIE)

Episode 88: The International Educator (TIE)
By Matthew Judd, Kent Arimura, Jacqueline P. Mallais, and Greg Lemoine
Apr 2024
In this episode, Stacy Stephens talks about her work with TIE…

+ 2024
By Chanel Worsteling
In this episode, Chanel Worsteling interviews Mary Powell, a contributing author to AISA’s DEIJ Guide, Pathways to Transformation… ..more
By Gavin Kinch
“What would you do if you were Principal of a school in Kyiv when Russia invaded?” Gavin talks with the former Director of Pechersk School International… ..more
By Rachel Hovington
In this episode, Tim Kelley, International School of Stuttgart, discusses international school leadership and building schools for the future… ..more
By Tim Logan
In this episode, Matthew Savage, former Principal of an award-winning international school, discusses helping schools use data wisely and well… ..more
+ 2023
By Tim Logan
A conversation with Brad Kershner, Head of School at Kimberton Waldorf School… ..more
By Dan Worth
In this episode, Daniel Jones discusses how Globeducate is managing the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence… ..more
By Chris Koelma
A music teacher shares her experiences engaging students in exciting music-making activities and encouraging a playful spirit in all people… ..more
By ASD Communications
Food is one of the most important sustainability issues of our time. Watch and learn about an educational program focused on global food issues… ..more
By Tricia Friedman and Kathleen Naglee
Explore the “Unhinged Quarterly Review” resource, developed for teams to use in order to feed their curiosity about what collaboration is…. ..more
By Ian Paynton
In this episode, Kenny Peavy discusses his mission to help young people and educators discover a love for the beauty and mystery of the natural world… ..more
By James Dalziel, Richard Henry, James McDonald
In this episode, Kam Chohan talks with the hosts about the importance of her work in DEIJ and child protection and her commitment to social justice… ..more
By Chris, Grade 9 student, and Jeremy, Grade 10 student
Students at Western Academy of Beijing are driving efforts to make the school and surrounding community more sustainable… ..more
By John Mikton and Dan Taylor
In this episode, explore Doline’s facilitation of DEIJ awareness, and the different strategies schools and school leaders can engage with… ..more
By Scott Jamieson and Sophia, Grade 10
A student shares how she has an impact on her community through a personal project teaching wellness to underprivileged children in her area… ..more
+ 2022
By Nanjing International School
A student delivers an inspirational speech about life with cerebral palsy… ..more
By Dominique Dalais
Educators in international schools share their stories of discrimination and racism during their journeys… ..more
By Nanjing International School
Join students, Kirsten and Kalei, as they discuss their Non-Straight/Straight Alliance project… ..more
By Scott Jamieson and Nantume
A student’s perspective on issues and actions related to the wellbeing of girls… ..more
By Carl Hooker and Fanny Passeport
The need to change how we do grading… ..more
By John Mikton
Dr. Helen Kelly shares learnings from her research, work, and workshops on wellbeing... ..more
By Timothy Thomas
At Munich International School (MIS), we created a media studio to enable students to create podcasts, video presentations, and other forms of audio and video media communication... ..more
By Julie Stern and Mihai Catrinar
In this episode, Cheryl-Ann Weekes talks mental health, resilience, and self-compassion... ..more
By Fandy Diney and Daniel Wickner
Fandy and Daniel discuss the alignment between identity centered learning and a holistic approach to international education... ..more
By Nanjing International School
Join this podcast with NIS Head of Admissions, as we discuss our school's approach to admissions and how it is a key part of developing our inclusive learning community... ..more
By Jeff Utecht
In this episode, Jeff interviews Kristina Pennell-Götze about supporting each other, as well as our students, through the lens of equity and inclusion. ..more
By Malcolm Nicolson
Students at the Sreenidhi International School in India respond to questions about their experiences and the future potential of online learning. ..more
By Kyle Wagner
I truly believe as cultivators of our world’s future decision and policy makers, that the best starting point is to talk about what is happening, and help students understand what is at stake. ..more
By Dominique Dalais
This series of podcasts will focus on international teachers of color from around the world who share their stories of how they have been discriminated against in their schools across the world. ..more
By Conrad Hughes
Conrad outlines some of the issues facing students at the end of high school. Join a discussion with 17-year-old students Meghana and Laeticia. ..more
Interview by Silvia Tolisano, AMISA radio
This episode is dedicated to the late Silvia Tolisano. She was an author, an educational consultant, and international educator. This interview explores shifting the culture of education. ..more
By The International Schools Podcast
In this episode, Liz Free and Viki Stiebert share their journey as international school educators and school directors ..more
By Jeff Utecht
This week’s podcast episode aspires to set you up to take another step forward on your personal learning journey. ..more
+ 2021
By Kyra Kellawan, The PilotEd Podcast
Hannah Wilson is an independent consultant and facilitator who specializes in leadership development and training. Hannah was one of the founding members of the Women in Education Leadership movement WomenEd in the UK. ..more
By Dominique Dalais
This second series explores how international schools, international organizations, and international recruitment agencies are making systemic changes with regards to racial equity. ..more
By Talon Podcasts
In this episode, fifth grade students talk about the need to rename Columbus Day in the Americas and propose three ideas for change. ..more
By John Mikton and Dan Taylor
Kristen shares her experience pivoting the TTC courses to an online format. The learnings, opportunities, and pinch points of moving hundreds of educators to this new venue and approach. ..more
ISC Research
The new Heads Up series hosted by ISC Research kicks off with an insightful discussion about shifts in teaching and learning practices at international schools. ..more
By Edutec Alliance with Arnie Bieber
Arnie Bieber, Director of the International School of Prague, shares his ideas and experiences in embedding a strong mission and a solid strategy in schools, leading innovation, and learning for the 21st century. Inspire, engage, empower. ..more
+ 2018
By Brandon Fisher
In the episode of Concordia International School Shanghai’s EdTech podcast, “Are You Ready to Be Amazed?” the EdTech team shares tips and resources teachers can use to help their students evaluate and interpret online news in order to best determine what information to trust. ..more

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