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Problematizing Your Definition For Collaboration

Unhinged Collaboration Podcast
By Tricia Friedman and Kathleen Naglee
Problematizing Your Definition For Collaboration

What ideas about collaboration in K-12 education are no longer relevant? How might we reimagine what our teams need and how might we cultivate more inclusive teams in schools? The Unhinged Podcast brings together perspectives and questions, discussing how to create more inclusive and equitable collaboration.

When we talk about collaboration with our peers, how is our concept steeped in shared stories, experiences, and perspectives? On this episode of the podcast, Kathleen and Tricia explore the “Unhinged Quarterly Review” resource. This resource has been developed for teams to use in order to feed their curiosity about what collaboration is.



Tricia Friedman has been a classroom teacher, digital literacy coach, and now consults with international schools on fostering inclusion.

Kathleen Naglee has been in education for 31 years and has served as an international head of school for more than a decade.

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