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A Student-Led Focus on Wellbeing

Empathy to Impact Podcast
By Scott Jamieson and Sophia, Grade 10
A Student-Led Focus on Wellbeing

The Empathy to Impact podcast dives into the voices and stories of students who own their learning and impact their communities. Hosted by Scott Jamieson, this transformative podcast from Inspire Citizens provides listeners with direct access to student changemakers around the world. Enjoy the perspective of these young leaders on sustainable development, wellbeing, community partnerships, and the compassion, connection, courage, and understanding needed to find joy and meaning in shaping a better self and world.

In this episode, Scott talks with Sophia, a Grade 10 student at Beijing City International School. They discuss how she has an impact on her community through a personal project teaching wellness to underprivileged children in her area.


Scott Jamieson, the host of the Empathy to Impact podcast, is an educator who is passionate about sustainable development, social justice, and impact-driven education.

Sophia is a Grade 10 student at Beijing City International School.

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