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Episode 88: The International Educator (TIE)

International Teacher Podcast
By Matthew Judd, Kent Arimura, Jacqueline P. Mallais, and Greg Lemoine
Episode 88: The International Educator (TIE)

The International Teacher Podcast is hosted by Matthew Judd, Kent Arimura, Jacqueline P. Mallais, and Greg Lemoine. Listen to first-hand experiences from across the globe about international schools, certified educators, teaching overseas, and living in other countries as expatriates. We interview educators and administrators all over the world to discuss travel, teaching in their schools, overseas educator job fairs, taking your expat family internationally, expat schools, and much more.

This episode interviews Stacy Stephens, the director of one of the most widely known resources for the international school circuit: The International Educator, simply referred to as "TIE." Stacy has been in education for almost 30 years and 20 of those have been in international schools around the globe. Now she joins us from the United States of America to share some of the inside story about TIE. Join us to find out what TIE has to offer you. Stacy Stephens is a wealth of information and easy to listen to!


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