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Dr. Arnie Bieber, Head of the International School of Prague, on Leading Innovation

Inspire, Engage, Empower
By Edutec Alliance with Arnie Bieber
Dr. Arnie Bieber, Head of the International School of Prague, on Leading Innovation

The International School Podcast by educators John Mikton and Dan Taylor is a series released every two weeks where they share all aspects of technology and life in international schools.

In this week's podcast with Edu-Tec, Arnie Bieber, Director of the International School of Prague (, shares his thoughts on leadership, challenges, wisdom and his reflections on being an international school leader for the last 25 years all around the globe.

Dr. Arnie Bieber, has guided The International School of Prague to become one of the most innovative schools in Europe. His 13 year headship is marked by a deep commitment to the school mission and a shared strategy that is present in all corners of the school. "Arnie", as he likes to be called, shares his ideas and experiences in embedding a strong mission and a solid strategy in schools, leading innovation and learning for the 21st century.

He also talks about space design with learning and purpose in mind, the importance of ensuring schools are learning organisations for students and staff, and shifting a content-based curriculum for a skills-based one.

Dr. Arnie has also been the Head of the American International School of Bucharest, and has chaired the European Council of International Schools, the Central and Eastern Schools Association and the Educational Collaborative International Schools. He has taught at Endicott College and Columbia University.

In his spare time, Arnie has been blogging at

John Mikton

Dan Taylor

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