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On Wellbeing Data: A Conversation With Matthew Savage

Future Learning Design Podcast
By Tim Logan
On Wellbeing Data: A Conversation With Matthew Savage

More and more people are questioning the education and training options available for their young people. Powered by NoTosh, we bring together a network of passionate educators and entrepreneurs who are intentionally redesigning the experience of learning in school, work and life, to enable people to grow, innovate and thrive.

This podcast provides a space for enlivening and inspiring conversations to encourage you to join in the movement to help drive positive change.

In this episode…

Formerly Principal of an award-winning international school in the Middle East, and with a long and varied career in school leadership both in the United Kingdom and internationally, Matthew Savage now works closely with premium schools and school groups worldwide, helping them to use data wisely and well.

In recent years, he has worked face-to-face or remotely with thousands of educators across hundreds of schools in more than 60 countries, exploring the intersection of wellbeing and DEIJ [diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice] through the prism of triangulated, "warm" and "street" data.

His keynotes and workshops have featured in educational conferences worldwide, including for COBIS, BSME, ECIS, TAISI, 21st Century Learning and Outstanding Schools.

He writes regularly for numerous, international magazines and blogs, including for Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine, International School Leader, School Management Plus, International Teacher Magazine, SchoolRubric, the International Schools Network, Diverse Educators, Teach Middle East and CIS.

He has been interviewed for numerous podcasts, including Teach Middle East, Flourishing at School, WISEducation, ISC Research, and Noonchi, for which he is a Thought Partner. He is also the host of The Data Conversation and Jack and Me podcasts himself.

Matthew is proud to be an Associate Consultant for LSC Education, in which role he coaches senior leaders in the UK and internationally, and also leads governance training with international school boards.

He is also fortunate to be one of the Editors of InterACT magazine, in which role he aims to be a lightning rod for the most valuable and least heard voices in the sector.

In addition, for the past ten years, he has loved being a trainer for GL Education globally, both face-to-face and online, through which work he continues to make and build connections worldwide.

Matthew is a passionate advocate for and ally of DEIJ worldwide, and member of ECIS’ DEIJ team and the Global Equality Collective; a member of the Diverse Educators network, and contributor to their 2022 book.

In this work, he helps schools both in the UK and around the world review their intersectional #DEIJ journey through the personal lenses of gender identity and disability.


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