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Looking Beyond Grades That Speaking Loudly, Say Little, and Undermine Real Learning: A Five Point Transition Plan

Forward to Different Podcast
By Carl Hooker and Fanny Passeport
Looking Beyond Grades That Speaking Loudly, Say Little, and Undermine Real Learning: A Five Point Transition Plan

The last three years have been unlike any we’ve experienced in education. Extreme teacher shortages traumatized and disengaged students, demoralized educators at every level, and unprecedented outside interference in school policy. The challenges we now face are not responding to old solutions, strategies, and thinking. Join us as we speak with educators, school leaders, superintendents, and various education stakeholders who have already accepted that we’re never going back to normal. From now on it will be forward to different. 

Forward-looking educators have been thinking, writing, and discussing the need to change how we do grading for many years. What’s different now, is that the myriad ways traditional grading undermine real learning are becoming more painful than the effort required to change the grading system. In this episode, Fanny Passeport shares a five-point, researched-based framework for making the transition and invites us to take the first step by joining the conversation.


Fanny Passeport is the founder of No Borders Learning which serves PK-12 schools, educators, and families in co-constructing healthy learning ecosystems that attend to the heart, exercise the mind, and engage the willpower. She has over 10 years of experience in PK-12 international schools. Together with Caitlin McLemore, she wrote the book Stretch Yourself: A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching Practice, published by ISTE in 2019. Fanny is working as an education development officer with the radical innovation unit called ErasmusX (Erasmus University Rotterdam). She is a published author and an award-winning educator.

Carl Hooker has been a part of a strong educational shift with technology integration since becoming an educator. From his start as a teacher to district technology leadership, he’s always had one common belief – the kids need to drive their own learning. He realizes the challenges in our current public educational institutions and meets them head on. His unique blend of educational background, technical expertise, and humor make him a successful driving force for this change.

Twitter: @fanny_passeport  @iste    @mrhooker  @jonHarper70bd @bamradionetwork 

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