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Greetings from the Easts Asia Regional Council of Schools,

As the largest continent on the planet, in both population and land area, Asia is arguably the most diverse region of the world, with its vast and varied geography, rich history, breathtaking beauty, and cultural significance. The extensive number of teaching jobs in international schools of all types and sizes, in countries large and small, contributes to making this dynamic region one of the most desired teaching destinations.

For over 50 years, EARCOS has been serving international schools across the vast region of East Asia. No matter what kind of school you may looking for you will surely find it (and more) among the nearly 200 member schools in this region. Having enjoyed an international school career on four continents, I can tell you that the EARCOS region will offer you unparalleled professional and personal opportunities. I want to encourage you to look both deeply and widely at the remarkable schools in this region.

EARCOS’s vision is to develop collaborative educational partnerships in the region, to inspire adult and student learning through its leadership and service while fostering intercultural understanding, global citizenship, and exceptional educational practices.

Dr. Edward Greene
Executive Director- EARCOS

International School News from Asia

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Stories from the field ...

Vickie Swann on 01-Jul-19

Editor Meadow Hilley talks with Vicki Swan, a Middle School Principal in Panama City, Panama. Before moving into a leadership role, Vickie taught middle school science for 10 years. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, her previous appointments brought her to Hungary and Vietnam.

Mohammad Saleh on 28-Jul-19

Editor Meadow Hilley talks with Mohammad Saleh, who teaches IBDP Biology and Chemistry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has also taught in Lebanon, where he’s originally from. Mohammad began his international teaching career in Jeddah seven years ago.

Shannon Keane on 28-Jul-19

Editor Meadow Hilley talks with Shannon Keane, a Grade 2 Teacher, Team Leader, and Social Studies Subject Leader K–5. Currently working in Brazil, Shannon’s previous position brought her to Qatar. She has been in international education for eight years.
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Recent Appointments

Lucila Zornosa-Sanchez

Beijing City International School
Deputy Principal / PYP Coordinator

Ann Wardwell

Hong Kong International School
Chief Advancement Officer
Hong Kong

Ann Wardwell

Hong Kong International School
Chief Advancement Officer
Hong Kong

Connie Kim

Hong Kong International School
Middle School Principal
Hong Kong



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