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Friday, 26 May 2017

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In Luxembourg, a Focus on PE and “Physical Literacy”

By Ana Paula Fulco and Walkiria Reis


Last January, International School of Luxembourg (ISL) Lower School PE teachers Ana Paula Fulco and Walkiria Reis had the honor of participating and presenting in a workshop meeting on “Physical Literacy within the Physical Education Curriculum” at Cambridge University.

They worked in close collaboration with Dr. Margaret Whitehead, renowned for her work in the field of physical literacy and a former lecturer at Homerton College, Cambridge and at the University of Bedfordshire, as well as with Patricia Maude MBE, a current physical education lecturer at Homerton.
Among the primary topics addressed at the workshop was curriculum. Ms. Fulco and Ms. Reis presented a comprehensive overview of the Physical Education curriculum at ISL, focusing mostly on the Lower School portion; this served as a precursor for further discussions throughout the event.
Similarly, from a theoretical perspective, they delved into terminology research to fully grasp an understanding of the concepts proposed as the workshop’s theme. “Physical Literacy” was not only investigated from a strictly theoretical point of view, but also in a practical, teaching-related way.
In addition to presenting, workshop participants spent time observing Year 2 learners in Stapleford Primary School (UK), and older learners at Homerton Gymnastics Club. After the observation periods, there was time to work with interactive software called “Observing Children Moving” and “Observing and Analyzing Learners’ Movement.”

Using the seven strands of physical literacy as a basis for analysis, a broad discussion took place regarding the learning outcomes and content of the PE curriculum at ISL.

The group prepared an outline structure for an academic paper to present at the “Physical Literacy 2011” conference, to be held in June of this year.

Ms. Fulco and Ms. Reis look forward to further interaction and planning with their Cambridge mentors.The first vital step will be to continue the productive dialogue by encouraging further meetings and continued camaraderie between ISL and Dr. Whitehead and Ms. Maude, two renowned scholars in the field.

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