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Monday, 4 March 2024

+ 2015
By Gordon Eldridge, TIE Columnist
Collaborative work has become a routine feature of classrooms and while there is evidence that the talk encouraged by collaboration can further the learning of all involved, setting up a group task in a way that fosters successful collaboration is far from easy. One important consideration is how to group the students. ..more
+ 2013
By Bonnie Billak
ESL specialist Bonnie Billak weighs in from Santiago, Chile on the need for strong second language learner programs. ..more
By Michael Peters
To keep pace with changing notions of literacy, teachers and students must "evolve past the mere replication of traditional activities in an online environment." ..more
By Monica Jona
Recognitions, accreditations and awards at the ready, the International School of Turin rings in its 50th year in a new, purpose-built campus. ..more
By Vicki Oman, TIE Staff Writer
To thousands of educators around the world, The International Educator is well-known as a global marketplace and information gateway. But as one Cape Cod journalist recently discovered, it has also been a low-key Cape staple for over 20 years. ..more
By David Toze
In a global outpouring of generosity, international schools around the world come to the rescue of families affected by the typhoon. International School of Manila's David Toze has the story. ..more
By Gordon Eldridge
In this research report prepared for The International Educator, Gordon Eldridge searches for elements of classroom culture that contribute to student success; mastery goals, as opposed to performance goals, could be one of them. ..more
By Kim Marshall, TIE Columnist
Mr. Marshall goes "old school," revisiting a timeless, pre-digital classic: a 1980 article by Ray Cross in The National Elementary Principal. "The truth is, we cannot manage time; we can only manage ourselves." ..more
By Cindy Pavlos
Fresh off the plane? With 14 international schools under her belt, Cindy Pavlos will set you straight: "Even if you live in a place where English is widely understood, resist the temptation to get by without learning any of the local language. I learned this lesson the hard way–in a maternity ward." ..more
By Martin Holbery
A preschool teacher from Concordia International School Shanghai (CISS) reports on a growing trend: hands-on, green and sustainable learning. ..more
By Maria Celeste F. Coscolluela
International School Manila (ISM) opened its newest sports facility—a covered tennis court complex on its roof deck! Other updates include construction of a new floor for the school’s design and robotics suite. ..more
+ 2012
By Natasha Broman
For many counselors and therapists, the arts remain an untapped resource in their practice. Even in a small room and with limited resources, the arts offer extremely powerful facilitation techniques for all types of problems that children might be facing. ..more
By Rose Sagun
“Start them young—on the road to world peace and friendship.” Those were the first words from a 1961 Manila Chronicle article that announced the establishment of the Filipino Scholarship Program at what was then the American School Manila. There have been many changes since then, including the metamorphosis into International School Manila (ISM), but the legacy of 150 Filipino Scholars who have graduated from ISM and the future promise to the next generation of young people make our school community proud. ..more

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