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Typhoon Haiyan Update

By David Toze
Typhoon Haiyan Update

Two ISM alumnae, Kimi Rodriguez and Moonie Sohn, set up donation boxes at their university and gave out these Philippine flag inspired ribbons (photo: ISM).
Dear friends around the world,
Your generosity combined with the support from around the globe has been tremendous for the families directly affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Thank you for your continued support of the International School of Manila's (ISM) Disaster Relief Fund.
We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the donations received and dispersed to date, as well as the next steps for our School to help. Our immediate donations to UNICEF totaled US$20,000, while the ISM Disaster Relief Fund has garnered US$69,186.40 in donations to date. Your contributions also assisted in ISM being able to help over 20 immediate staff members that had family members affected by the storm. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Ricky Espadero, whose father and niece were killed in the storm.
Our Parent Teacher Association has worked tirelessly to keep the momentum going as well; we have sent four truck loads of relief goods to date through their efforts. Thank you to the following ISM student clubs and teams that have also contributed cash donations:
Philippine Cultural Club: US$4,017
National Honor Society: US$2,287
Battle of the Bands: US$457
American Cultural Club: US$298
Korean Cultural Club: US$160
Varsity Touch Rugby/ Tackle Rugby Team: US$120
With the significant contributions sent to us we will be making the move from immediate relief efforts to rebuilding efforts, estimated to take up to five years.
In line with our Service Learning goals, we are also looking into partnerships that will be sustainable and effective. This week ISM representatives traveled to Roxas City in Capiz province. Hosted by UNICEF, we were briefed at the Humanitarian Operations Center. We also had the opportunity to travel to the northern part of the province of Iloilo, to the town of Estancia. Here we touched base with Ayala Foundation members and the local government. Mayor Rene Cordero and his staff assisted on the ground and our team was able to assess the damages and needs first-hand.
We are currently looking to assist in rebuilding a public elementary school that services 3,000 children, and in supporting livelihood programs for their parents. As soon as the specifics are available we will be sharing the information with our community. We have been inspired to date by the number of communities that have reached out to ISM in support of the typhoon victims, literally from across the globe. Schools in South and Central America raised tremendous amounts. The English School of Bogota for instance raised US$15,000 for UNICEF and $15,000 for ISM’s Disaster Relief fund; the British School of Caracas, with the help of a former ISM faculty member, raised US$7,500 through a casual dress day to show solidarity; in Mexico City at the Greengates School, the community raised just over $8,000! The American International School in Venezuela held a potluck Asian dinner for faculty, and contributed US$400.
Closer to home, the United World College of South East Asia had a “Focus on the Philippines” day where students wore Philippine flag colors and organized support stalls raising nearly US$16,000. The Hong Kong Academy, which also has former administrators an faculty members on staff, generously donated US$16,000 and counting. Taipei American School students, teachers and parents set up donation booths and food sales as well as channeled proceeds from the holiday production, “Radio Redux: A Christmas Carol” to relief efforts; to date they have raised US$15,217.
In Europe, International School of Madrid students organized bake sales as well as a non-uniform day to show solidarity and support. Meanwhile, in the American School in London, as part of their mathematics unit, Grade 3 students have been collecting and counting coins, which they donated to UNICEF, while Grade 4 students have created bookmarks to give as thank you tokens to all those who donated.
Truly, schools and organizations worldwide have reached out and supported, in their own ways, to relief efforts:
The English School of Bogota: US$30,000
Hong Kong Academy: US$16,000
United World College of South East Asia: US$15,947
Taipei American School: US$15,217
Greengates School, Mexico City: US$8,141
The British School of Caracas: US$7,500
San Silvestre School: US$6,400
International School of Madrid: US$5,943
Kotobuki Corporation: US$5,000
The International Educator (TIE): US$1,250
Principal's Training Center (PTC): US$1,250
Escuela Campo Alegre, Caracas: US$400
Jakarta International School: US$364
International School of Bangkok: US$346
UNESCO Club-Global City: US$275
American International School of Bucharest
American International School of Riyadh
American Overseas School of Rome
American School of Budapest
American School in London
British International School of New York
International School of Amsterdam
International School of the Hague
International School of Kuala Lumpur
International School of Prague
Singapore American School
Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
Even some of our youngest alumni have stepped up by holding clothing drives and online campaigns to raise money and awareness for the disaster. A group of students, including Kimi Rodriguez '11 and Moonie Sohn '13, set up donation boxes in dining halls and student lounges at NYU-Abu Dhabi, and gave out ribbons inspired by the Philippine flag to people who donated.
A benefit concert, Harana ("Serenade"), culminated the fundraising efforts where students and the Filipino dining hall staff commemorated the Filipino spirit amidst the impact of the typhoon through songs and live poetry. Western students, including Laura Lehmann '12, organized clothing drives, sweatshirt sales, and a benefit dinner. In just five days, US$2,585 was raised in addition to heaps of clothing, shoes and water collected.

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