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Sunday, 18 February 2018

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On Warsaw Mural, No Country Left Behind

By Terry Gamble


The process, the product: ASW proudly flies the colors of cultural diversity on its walls (photos: Terry Gamble).

The American School of Warsaw (ASW) has long been devoted to celebrating the diversity of its students, faculty, and staff, all of whom richly contribute to the school’s progress and accomplishments.
This year, in association with our school-wide United Nations Day festivities, the elementary school launched its “flag people” project as a way of permanently highlighting how culturally diverse we are.
We started by sketching out ten silhouettes to represent the countries from which our largest student numbers are drawn, but our plan is eventually to extend this unique display to all fifty nations represented, from Pre-K to Grade 12, at ASW.

Last October, artistic parent volunteers from ten countries devoted a morning to painting their nations’ flags on the outlines that had been prepared ahead of time. Our staircase was filled with enthusiastic, paintbrush-wielding parents from the USA, Poland, Korea, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, England, and The Netherlands.

The students who passed by the emerging artwork were thrilled to see their country’s “flag person” coming to life. The project has added many vibrant colors to our hallways, and more importantly, it has provided a unique and lasting reminder to the school community that ASW respects, embraces, and indeed celebrates its cultural diversity.

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