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Sunday, 18 February 2018

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Looking for a Life of Adventure?

Sky High Interview with TIE President Forrest Broman


If you think being a school teacher isn't the way to have a life of adventure then maybe you better listen!

What is international teaching?
What are its benefits?
How can TIE help?

Find out in this interview that was aired on American Airlines Sky High inflight service.

Advantages of teaching overseas:
• There are over 900 K-12 overseas American, Anglo-American, British and international schools worldwide
• Teach abroad in first rate, private international schools with excellent faculty and facilities
• Excellent, tax-free salaries (in many locations) for overseas teaching
• Teach abroad in English - no foreign language necessary
• International (multicultural) student body
• Small class sizes when teaching overseas
• Opportunity to save significant funds from overseas teaching
• 5000 teaching overseas vacancies each year
• English-speaking K-12 teachers of all subjects recruited to teach abroad from countries including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
• Gain international experience
• Become part of a team of innovative, creative educators enjoying the experience of the overseas teaching adventure
• See the world - the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the rainforest of Venezuela!

Most schools provide the following benefits:
• Housing/housing allowance
• Round-trip transportation/travel allowance
• Health/life/accident insurance
• Pension funds
• Annual home leave
• Free tuition in excellent schools for family members

For information on getting a job in an international school read our Guide to Teaching Overseas.

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04/07/2011 - tjo5
Any jobs for teaching the blind or teaching teachers at the university level how to teach the blind?
11/12/2010 - registry cleaner
Great journey and experience!

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