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The Risk That Paid Off

The Unheard Podcast
By Charlotte Bolina, Grade 9
The Risk That Paid Off

Everyone has a story to share, and everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard. That’s why we’ve created a podcast in which we narrated meaningful stories of the Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Innovation Academy, Lima (FDR) community. Each episode features a different member of the community, some that you might already know, and others that we can’t wait to introduce. 

Why do we play is safe? Why do we allow ourselves to sit back and let our desires fade away because we’re too afraid to pursue them? What do we miss out on when we decide not to risk it? In this episode, Charlotte Bolina walks us through the life of Whitney Little, a teacher who left her hometown to live new experiences and regretted nothing. 



The Unheard Podcast is created by the Innovation Academy Class of 2025 at Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Innovation Academy in Lima, Peru. 


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