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Saturday, 8 May 2021

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The Learning Must Never Stop!

By Nafisa Mustafa, Age 10


The Learning Must Never Stop!
My life came to a halt when I heard school was going to be closed. It was a huge change from traditional education and I had no idea how it was going to work. It was a life-changing situation. At the same time, I knew that every coin has two sides. There would be many benefits of online learning and disadvantages as well; it was our choice which we wanted to consider.

We had to get used to the new virtual classroom before school closed, therefore our teachers conducted a session with the seniors to help us understand the platform better so we wouldn’t waste any valuable learning time during online school. Our helpful teachers guided us through the whole process, resulting in a smooth transition.

Online learning has definitely helped us stay on schedule with our studies, as education should never stop, whatever the situation. Thanks to our brilliant teachers, we were able to find different ways to make our education productive. We played virtual games to make our learning interesting. This way, we were able to enjoy our education to the highest extent.

Moreover, our diligent school was able to find a platform that would make our learning easier and more comfortable by situating us in a classroom-like simulation. Basically, it was as though we were sitting in class and our teachers were teaching their lessons.

Although online learning has been an amazing experience, unfortunately there have been a few aspects that have not been that effective. For example, our online classes have been a little stressful for our eyes. The increase in screen time has left our eyes feeling sore. Because online learning is very important for our education, I resolved to decrease my after-school screen time to relieve some of the strain and be more effective.

Throughout this learning experience, I have missed many things, but the biggest one is socializing. I used to meet my friends every day and I was able to talk to them right at that moment. Now we all have to be online when we chat. Being there in the physical classroom with the teacher was better and easier, for some inexplicable reason.

In conclusion, online learning has been effective, although I miss school and hope that it reopens again shortly so I can go back to normal life.

Nafisa Mustafa is in Year 6C at MSB Private School Dubai. She is 10 years old and loves to read and write fiction and non-fiction.

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