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COVID-19 News and Updates

Dear TIE Community,

During this unprecedented time schools and teachers everywhere have been seriously impacted by the global pandemic COVID-19. Our international schools have been on the front line of this impact, often tasked with setting the standards for implementing difficult decisions in their regions. 

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the international school community, that is by nature globally mobile, is a challenge at the best of times. At TIE we have been moved and heartened to witness the generosity of spirit and deep solidarity among teachers, administrators, and school staff throughout the international school community in the face of this global pandemic. Your leadership, commitment, and sacrifice-all amidst tremendous uncertainty-has been something spectacular.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence in educating and protecting our children.

Here at TIE we are thinking of all of you every day and concerned foremost with your wellbeing. On our website, through our newspaper, in our newsletter, and through our various social media channels, TIE will be sharing stories, news, resources, and tips, while doing our best to keep you informed about the status of individual schools.  We recognize the uncertainty of this moment can be daunting especially if you are navigating a job change or are looking for a new position. Reach out to TIE with questions or for support. We are here for you. Email, call + 1 508 790 1990 or visit our COVD-19 page at .

Stay connected, stay safe, and keep in touch!

Brittany Betts
CEO - The International Educator

TIE Newspaper

We encourage you to login and read our latest issue using our online reader today. Send your stories and school news to; let us know how your community is managing the diverse hurdles of the COVID-19 climate.

Safety and our print issue

Our TIE newspapers are being printed and prepped in a digital then automated environment with little to no human touch up to the point of mailing out from the United States. Individual copies will be wrapped in plastic for now that can be wiped off prior to opening for people who need to take extra precautions. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Student Voice: Here Comes the Bride on 08-Jun-21

This short story was produced by Hamsini Sivakumar at Frankfurt International School’s Writing & Art Symposium, where authors and artists worked with students on a bilingual interschool publishing project.

Taking Restorative Action on 08-Jun-21

When covid hit and Alistair Goold's family underwent a major life transition, he turned the focus inwards and sought to find out if the restorative methodologies he employed in the classroom could be helpful in restoring relationships on the homefront.

Prototyping During the Pandemic: The PLA on 08-Jun-21

At Lincoln Community School, elementary school teachers and leaders learned from their emergency online experience that there might be a more effective way to provide a student-centered approach to online learning.

Learning Occurs in a Space Where Objectives Are Just Beyond But Not Too Far From the Learner on 08-Jun-21

As important a pedagogical tool as scaffolding may be, we should not oversimplify its relationship to the zone of proximal development. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, but they are also not synonymous.