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We Can Make a Change

Videos for Change
By an international school student, Australia
We Can Make a Change

Videos for Change is a worldwide community of young people creating original, short-form video content on issues that matter most to them. They are global citizens championing diverse viewpoints that animate our collective future. One idea. One Video. One minute at a time. The TIE gallery showcases videos produced by participating international school students.


Student Motivation:

Climate change is an ongoing event that affects everyone from around the world. We are in a time where we all need to stand together, united, to fight against it. We are seeing world populations constantly being affected by the climate crisis, be it increases in temperature, unpredictable natural disasters, and as a result, health impacts upon billions of people. Climate change is a topic which everyone needs to recognize and understand, so we as a global nation can spread awareness and implement ways of becoming better world citizens. To live in a safe, healthy world with clean air and flourishing species, this is why I chose the topic of Climate Change - so we can all save the place we call home.

When I first found out about Videos for Change, I immediately saw a huge opportunity to help change the world. To be able to make a difference in society through creating awareness about a social issue and being able to touch people's hearts when doing so was a great beam of light that I could not ignore. Climate Change is such an urgent issue that needs every single individual's attention, a global emergency that everyone needs to understand. I felt at that moment, that it was pivotal that I take this opportunity in the hopes that I could inspire climate action to many. Being passionate about the world, its environment, and its array of diverse species definitely urged me to create a video on the topic of Climate Change. I hope with all my heart that this video will inspire many to create climate action and that people follow their passion to help create social change.


Created by an international school student in Australia.

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