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Distractions Cost Lives

Videos for Change
By international school students, Australia
Distractions Cost Lives

Videos for Change is a worldwide community of young people creating original, short-form video content on issues that matter most to them. They are global citizens championing diverse viewpoints that animate our collective future. One idea. One Video. One minute at a time. The TIE gallery showcases videos produced by participating international school students.

Student Motivation:

I am a triplet, and we all got our P-plates (provisional license) this year and a lot of our friends did too. We know that it’s exciting but also really dangerous at the same time. My brother is driving in the video, and we wanted to explore that just one distraction can be fatal. I was also influenced by one of my driving instructors who told me about her sister dying in an accident and a program called keys to driving, which is all about it.

Created by international school students in Australia. 

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