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The Necessity of Listening to the Student Perspective on AI

Shifting Schools Podcast
By Jeff Utecht and Tricia Friedman
The Necessity of Listening to the Student Perspective on AI

Shifting Schools is a thought-provoking podcast that explores the latest trends, strategies, and tools in K-12 education. Hosted by educators Jeff Utecht and Tricia Friedman, the podcast provides a platform for teachers, administrators, and education thought leaders to share their experiences and insights on how to improve teaching and learning. From innovative approaches in classroom management to leveraging technology for personalized learning, Shifting Schools tackles the most pressing issues facing K-12 educators today. Whether you are a seasoned teacher or a new educator, this podcast will inspire you to think outside the box and shift your educational approach. Tune in to Shifting Schools to gain new perspectives, share ideas, and join a community of passionate educators who are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of their students. 

In this episode, join us as we discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in educational settings, particularly focusing on how these tools can be integrated to foster inclusion and improve learning experiences with Max, a high school student.

Key Discussion Points:

AI and social interaction: Max highlights how AI tools can prevent social issues like being “left on read” or “ghosted,” providing valuable insights in social situations.

AI as a Communication Filter: The discussion explores AI's role as a reflective tool, helping individuals consider their communication style and content.

AI in the Classroom: Addressing teachers' anxieties about AI, Max emphasizes the importance of firsthand experience with technology rather than relying solely on second-hand opinions or fears.

Big Idea Shared: Max provides a thoughtful, student-centered perspective on the use of AI in education, encouraging educators to listen to students and incorporate their feedback in AI integration.

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Jeff Utecht is a former teacher turned educational consultant and co-host of the Shifting Schools podcast.

Tricia Friedman has been a classroom teacher, digital literacy coach, and now consults with international schools on fostering inclusion. She is the co-host of the Shifting Schools podcast.

X (Formerly Twitter): @shiftingschools
Instagram: @shiftingschoolspod
Tiktok: @shiftingschoolspod

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