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International Schools Services Announces Leadership Changes in Asia-Pacific Office

By Michelle Collin

Dale Cox and Greg Smith. _______________________________________________________________________ International Schools Services (ISS) of Princeton, New Jersey, began a relationship with Shekou International School (SIS) in 1990. Over the past three decades ISS has nurtured what was once a small school into what is now a thriving ‘ISS School of the Future!’ Today ISS remains involved in many aspects of the SIS school life. From providing the latest instructional materials to the most current staff development, assisting in the hiring of top tier teachers and in guiding the schools’ expansive facilities renaissance. ISS insures that the quality of learning experience is unmatched in the Shenzhen area. Effective in the 2019—2020 academic year, ISS will change its leadership structure in the Asia Pacific Office. Dr. Dale Cox will step down from the ISS Vice-President, Asia Pacific role to assume a faculty position at Utah Valley University in the U.S. Liz Duffy, President of ISS, commented, “I have deep respect for Dale as an educator and as a person. Under his leadership, the ISS AP Office has flourished and we are so grateful for all of his contributions.” Greg Smith, Head of School at Shekou International School (SIS), Shenzhen, China, will assume the leadership role for the ISS Asia-Pacific Office when Dr. Cox steps down. Smith will also continue to serve as Head of School for SIS. “Over the past year, Greg has solidified our efforts in the Asia-Pacific area, built relationships, and led some impressive initiatives at SIS,” said Duffy. “His dual role will benefit SIS, the ISS Asia Pacific Office, and most importantly the communities we serve in Shenzhen, China and the greater Asia Pacific region.” To support these changes, a Deputy Head of School will be added to SIS’s administrative team, starting in the 2020—2021 school year. For the 2019—2020 school year, Bob Stearns, who previously served as interim Head of School for SIS, will become interim Deputy Head of School, ensuring that the transition to this new leadership structure is seamless.

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