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Early Years Centre Opens at BIS

By Johanna Schiller
Early Years Centre Opens at BIS

Bavarian International School e.V. (BIS) is proud to announce our newly furnished and re-opened Early Years Centre at our Haimhausen Campus for our youngest inquirers.
BIS will begin accepting children from the age of 3 into our Early Childhood programme beginning in 2018. The new Early Years Centre for children aged 3-6 uses the Reggio Emilia approach, which sees the child as an active participant in learning as well as an individual in their own right.
The children, parents, and teachers are collaborators in the learning process; a team critical for the young child to develop. The learning environment is also important, fostering encounters, communications, and relationships. Student thoughts and ideas are made visible through documenting their play and how they interact with one another.
The teaching role within this concept is different to the traditional pre-school many adults may be familiar with. Teachers observe students in action, they compare, discuss and interpret together with other teachers their observations. These interpretations and discussions are then shared with the students in order to foster the next stage of development.
BIS has been modernizing and expanding our existing classrooms, including a differentiated colour concept for better orientation. Children are grouped in mixed age groups. The school day is designed according to a flexible timetable so that the children can move between various "themed centres", such as mathematics or language, but also arts and crafts, at their own pace.
We at BIS believe that the Early Childhood programme provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to develop in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

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