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Information Management Moves to True Cloud

By Anne Keeling

The need for an information management platform that is highly secure, flexible, and easy-to-use is a priority for most international schools. WCBS, one of the leading providers of school information management for the world’s international schools market, has expanded into true cloud technology to provide the best possible MIS (Management Information System) solutions for international schools today.
Acquisition propels WCBS into next-generation technology
This year, WCBS acquired KSM Online, a company that since 2009 has focused on marrying the nuances of edtech with the big data requirements of fintech. This means WCBS now has cutting-edge technology and an expanded team of skilled cloud experts and tech designers to deliver true cloud technology to schools.
“Several areas of our lives today use cloud-based systems for big data management, such as online banking and social media,” says Ian Hunter, Chief Commercial Officer of WCBS. “School information management needs to do the same.”
Announcing the launch of a true cloud solution
Now WCBS has launched HUB, a true cloud, software-as-a-service, multi-tenanted information management system designed for schools.
True cloud means HUB provides almost 100% guaranteed uptime and is fully managed by cloud providers and independent software vendors rather than a local or inhouse IT manager. As a result, hardware warranties, installation and upgrades, software compliance, and data backups are automatically provided by some of the best cloud tech experts in the world, ensuring the system is always up-to-date and protected from any potential vulnerability.
It is user-centric and flexible; built to be intuitive for staff, parents and students in multiple languages. As a true cloud solution, it provides immediate access to users anytime, anywhere, through most devices, even including WeChat integration for international schools in China.
The learning and teaching benefits of true cloud
A true cloud solution, such as HUB, can present data very quickly and in a user-friendly format so that staff can spend more time acting on the data rather than analysing it.
With instant and easy access to relevant data, teachers and support staff are able to track student progress, identify areas for intervention, and improve performance.
More details about true cloud solutions are available from WCBS at

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