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Universal American School Dubai Knits Bridges of Color

By Andrew Torris
Universal American School Dubai Knits Bridges of Color

The Fine Arts Booster (FAB) Club at Universal American School in Dubai has annually taken on a major art project for the school community. In the past the club has led efforts that included mosaic benches, murals, and even a full-scale Broadway-style show that engaged students, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators. This year their efforts have focused on building community through “yarnstorming,” with a project named “Bridges of Color.”
This creative practice is purported to have originated in the United States by a group of Texas knitters seeking creative ways to use their unfinished projects or leftover yarn. The FAB leaders have taken the idea to another level and engaged students, parents and even school leaders in trying out their knitting skills to build a tight-knit community (pun intended).
This outreach project has also extended to other schools, households, and individuals around the world. Its aim is to reach out to friends and loved ones across the globe, asking them to send the FAB club at UAS knitting and crochet made from 100 percent Acrylic wool that can be used outdoors.
Once received, the pieces made by different hands in different corners of the world will be connected and stretched through the spaces of the school as a symbol of the ties that a global community is capable of forging, despite difference and distance. This project is open to everyone—students, parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, and acquaintances. Anyone wanting to knit or crochet or interested in learning these skills is invited to join.
FAB organizers have heard from schools and individuals around the world. From teachers in Pakistan to grandmothers in the U.S., this effort has been embraced and is quickly expanding. UAS parent and FAB leader Ghia Haddad stated, “Friends and friends of friends from Jordan, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Poland, Lebanon, and Vietnam are already working on this as well and sending photos.”
For more information, please see the FAB club's promotional video, or the FAB Facebook page

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