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New Titles in Education

By Douglas M. Rife
New Titles in Education

Global Perspectives: Professional Learning Communities at Work™ in International Schools, edited by Timothy S. Stuart. This book champions adopting the professional learning community (PLC) model for international schools outside the United States. Implementing PLC practices has transformed many underperforming and average U.S. schools into high-performing, student-centered learning institutions. Stuart, along with the book’s contributors—all international school educators who have successfully recultured their schools into PLCs—contend that PLCs can have the same transformative results in other international schools (ISBN 194249680X).
The New Art and Science of Teaching by Robert J. Marzano. This book offers a framework for substantive change based on Marzano’s 50 years of education research and observation and his identification of more than 50 new instructional strategies. It focuses on student outcomes and illustrates how specific teacher actions correspond to the mental states and processes that students need in order to reach their peak academic success.
Throughout the book, Marzano details the elements of three overarching categories of teaching, which define what must happen to optimize student learning: students must receive feedback, get meaningful content instruction, and have their basic psychological needs met (ISBN 1943874964).
HEART! Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader by Timothy D. Kanold. This author asks K–12 educators to reflect on their professional journey by introducing the concept of a “heartprint,” or the distinctive impression that an educator leaves on students and colleagues over the course of a career. Kanold writes in a conversational, humorous manner, offering anecdotes and reflections to help readers uncover their impact. He also provides wisdom and research from many teachers and thought leaders, which help readers foster the elements of a productive, heart-centered classroom and school environment (ISBN 1943874433).

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