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Solar Lamps for Tanzania

BIS gets a visit from the president of the Jane Goodall Institute
By Johanna Schiller
Solar Lamps for Tanzania

Mr Knauer presenting the solar lamps
Munich, 19.05.2017 This week`s Bavarian International School e.V. (BIS) Secondary School assembly was organized under the theme of CAS, so we thought it fitting to invite the documentary film maker Lorenz Knauer, who is also president of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI).
Grade 6, 7 and 8 students welcomed the guest presentation by Mr. Lorenz Knauer and Dr. Ulrike Beckmann, also of the JGI. They spoke about the work of Jane Goodall and showed excerpts from the movie “Jane’s Journey” – depicting the achievements of Ms. Goodall, the world renowned UN peace ambassador and ape researcher - which was produced and filmed by Mr. Knauer. Please find a brief overview of her work here.
BIS students have been learning about the pioneering ape research of Jane Goodall and the Tanzania Solar Lamp project in their daily morning registration sessions and the assembly gave the students the opportunity to delve deeper and ask questions.
The solar lamps initiative is a way to allow the poorest people in Tanzania to have cheap, available light to study, read or work after sundown. The plentiful sunlight in Tanzania allows solar lamps to be operated in an environmentally and economically friendly way. The lamps cost just 25.- Euros and students were encouraged to bring in one Euro each to help sponsor lamps.
Teachers Ms. Kempa, Ms. Kraimer and the team raised 75.- Euros via a bake sale and together with the money dropped into the buckets at the end of the assembly, we reached our goal of 250,- Euros. No doubt a number of solar lamps will be made available in Tanzania very soon.
We would like to thank Mr. Knauer, Dr. Beckman and the Jane Goodall Institute for their fabulous visit to BIS.

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