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Tokyo International School is named Apple Distinguished School

By Christopher Frost
Tokyo International School is named Apple Distinguished School

Tokyo International School is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2015–2017 for its transformative use of iPad and MacBook throughout the school.
The Apple Distinguished School (ADS) designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments.
“The journey of becoming an Apple Distinguished School has made a significant impact on how we integrate technology for learning and ignited a renewed excitement for educational technology in general.” Lorraine Izzard, Head of School
The recognition of Tokyo International School as an Apple Distinguished School, highlights our achievement as an innovative and compelling learning environment. Teachers integrate technology across the curriculum in a range of forms: creating, innovating, collaborating and communicating.
A key focus has been the use of iPad to transform the way we assess. The child-friendly usability of iPad facilitates students to take charge of their own assessment. Multimedia features such as text, video, drawing apps and audio facilitate even our youngest students to explain their learning and to give one another feedback. The assessment itself has become an engaging, learning experience. iPad has helped our students capture, organize, explain and share what they have learned. We will expand our assessment initiative next academic year to include our parents. When students post to their electronic portfolio, parents will have instant access and the opportunity to provide feedback to their child from their office or home.
Like any process of change, the journey to become an Apple Distinguished School involved several months of collaboration, self-evaluation, reflection, investment and action. From the onset, we realized this venture had ignited something in the faculty. Pockets of distributed leadership began to form. Teachers began instigating initiatives. A task force was formed by interested faculty. Soon teams of teachers could be found meeting and discussing ideas for technology integration. Technology agendas for faculty meetings began appearing in the Leadership Team’s inbox. There was a genuine buzz of excitement in the school and a grassroots movement had developed. The enthusiasm was infectious; soon learning through technology was a more common conversation in the staffroom and corridors. Not only were the students learning but we were learning from one another too!
This has been an exciting journey which helped us to reflect on what we had achieved to date. We are excited about the future and how new technologies may further enhance learning.
Tokyo International School is an established, nonprofit, IB curriculum international school located in the center of Tokyo.

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