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International School Heads Arrive in San Francisco for future of International Education

By Cynthia Nagrath, TIE Staff Writer
International School Heads Arrive in San Francisco for future of International Education

Students from the French American International School ensemble performed at the opening session of AAIE 2017, held in San Francisco, CA.
What happens when you put over 420 Heads of international schools together in one hotel for 3 days? As you may have guessed, a lot of education goes on!
Last week, educational leaders from international schools traveled from all corners of the globe to arrive in San Francisco for the opportunity to meet and learn from one another. They were there to attend the 51st annual conference of AAIE – The Association for the Advancement of International Education, held at the newly remodeled Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.
What is AAIE?
"AAIE is the place where international leaders come each year to connect with old friends and new colleagues ... it's an international homecoming that has been going on now for over 50 years!” explained Yolanda Murphy-Barrena, AAIE’s Executive Director.
The AAIE conference is held in San Francisco every other year and rotates to other cities in the alternate years. This year The French American International School of San Francisco co-hosted the conference with ancillary events and tours held on their campus in the heart of San Francisco.
Focus on the Future
The focus this year was on the Future of International Education and addressing what Future Leaders need for successful navigation in these dynamic times. The topic sparked a number of outstanding community discussions on everything from Leading in Crisis to The Future of International Education: What should be left when the dust settles.
Educators getting Educated
With over 40 seminars, workshops, and educational forums to choose from, the event is like a condensed graduate program for international educators. Participants choose from dozens of classes and workshops from internationally acclaimed speakers and colleagues on a wide range of topics from hot trends in international education to cutting edge future program ideas.
“AAIE is a premiere conference for international school heads, and is key for companies like ours because it’s where we meet colleagues, decision makers and leaders in the field of international education all gathered in one place for one purpose -- to share information and learn from one another,” said Brittany Betts, CEO of The International Educator (TIE).
“From Hong Kong to Lima and Hawaii to Kenya, our members are participating fully and making the 51st AAIE conference an outstanding gathering for all in attendance!" said Murphy-Barrena.
Looking Ahead
As anyone knows who has ever been involved in organizing a conference or event of this size and scope, no sooner is one completed than the planning starts for the next one. "We are already looking ahead to 2018 when we gather in NYC with the United Nations School of New York, our host school, to focus on AAIE Members leading as global citizens,” declared Murphy-Barrena.
By the look of this year’s conference, the AAIE team has their work cut out for them, but with over 50 years of experience, their ability to organize a top-notch program will insure that international educators will gather again to share ideas, insight and experiences as leaders and global citizens.

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