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DoDEA Pacific Art Contest Winners on “Change”

By Steve Parker
DoDEA Pacific Art Contest Winners on “Change”

GOLD: “Our Graves Are All the Same” (photo: Haven).
The Smithsonian American Art Museum recently selected four art contest winners out of 60 worldwide submissions in the fourth annual DoDEA schools art competition.
DoDEA students and teachers, along with Smithsonian American Art Museum staff, voted on the submissions to select the winners for the elementary (Grades 1–5) and high school (Grades 9–12) levels. Each winner and the two honorable mentions are featured on the museum’s website.
“I came up with my concept when I heard the title ‘Change Over Time.’ I immediately knew I wanted to go in an almost literal sense. I wanted to incorporate youth vs. age and with ‘time’ being a concept, the composition is centered over the top of a pocket watch representing the time that’s running out. My concept is loosely based on the question ‘What does it all mean?’ ‘Our Graves Are All The Same’ is representative of our time running out, so don’t waste your life, but instead enjoy it.”

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I am at the International School of Vietnam. My students are interested in entering the next one. Please keep me informed!



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