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Fire at QSI Benin

Jim Gilson
Fire at QSI Benin

Since there may be rumors of a fire in our school in Benin, I am sending this summary of the situation along with some photos to prevent any inaccurate information that may cause confusion.
On Saturday evening, 3 September 2016, a fire broke out in one of the buildings of QSI International School of Benin. Karen Hall, the school’s Director was alerted and came to the school to witness this tragedy. The fire destroyed the computer room, the library, the teachers’ prep room, and two classrooms. Two other classrooms were damaged by smoke. Virtually all of the textbooks for the 5 thru 13 year old classes were lost along with the computers and some furniture. All of the library books were lost.
At this time we do not have information about the cause of the fire.
There are other buildings for classroom use, so once the facility is cleaned up classes are scheduled to start again after being closed for one week. The school year had just started on Thursday, 25 August.
The QSI team is active in doing what can be done to support Karen in this challenge. The QSI internal insurance will pay for lost books and equipment in the school as well as any personal belongings lost by teachers or students. Houghton Mifflin has assured our Resource Department that on line textbooks can be used without charge and that two copies of the texts used for each of the 14 levels will be provided free of charge.
The parents in Benin are ready to help in any way they can. The US Embassy people are being particularly helpful in doing what they can to take care of the school and help in bringing replacement materials. Tom Shearer of the US State Department Office of Overseas Schools is on his way from Nigeria to look into the situation and see in what way he can be of help.
At this time the teachers are working at home where they have power and internet to come up with the information needed to order replacement supplies and equipment. It will take some time to get the electricity restored in the school.
We appreciate the way Karen and her staff have taken on the challenges of getting the school back to its normal successful operating mode.
Karen and her staff will appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

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09/15/2016 - Traveling teacher
I am deeply sorry to hear about the tragic fire at the QSI school in Benin. My thought and prayers go out to the staff, students and parents at the school.
it was very surprising to hear about the QSI Yemen school and now the fire in Benin. I am sure that, with the guidence of Karen Hall and QSI, everything will be back to normal as soon as possible.
Thank you for the information. Best wishes and good luck.



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