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ACE Learning with NEASC/CIE

By Peter C. Mott
ACE Learning with NEASC/CIE

NEASC’s trail-blazing new accreditation protocol—ACE Learning—has now been launched and all of our members have received an invitation to a dedicated ACE Learning site. Schools wishing to learn more about ACE and how it may transform them into true learning communities can download the ACE Overview and a short video on our website (
We are particularly proud to have received Prof. Yong Zhao’s endorsement of ACE Learning (in addition to many other publications, Yong Zhao is the author of World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students):
“Education needs a paradigm shift in order to meet the challenges of a new era and take advantages of new opportunities. We must abandon the employee-oriented paradigm that homogenizes children into workers for existing jobs, which are quickly disappearing. We need to adopt the entrepreneur-oriented paradigm to prepare children to become creative entrepreneurs who can create value for others. In this new paradigm, education is not about teaching or knowledge transmission. Rather it is about supporting learning. ACE provides an excellent framework and process that can help schools start the shift.”
We are also happy to announce that the International School of Prague will be the first school to pilot the new protocol at the beginning of May. Several other schools will follow in IS Prague’s footsteps later this spring and in the fall. Their experience will help us further refine the ACE Beta version and ensure that the definitive edition will live up to its aspiration of serving as a catalyst for “shifting the school paradigm.”
Lastly—and equally importantly—our partnership organization, ECIS, will host the first ACE Training Workshop at its Leadership Conference in Rome on March 30 and 31, 2016.
We believe that ACE Learning proposes a compelling vision for school improvement and transformation. ACE focuses a school’s attention on learning impacts and places the understandings, aptitudes, dispositions, values, and competencies children need to develop to become successful and responsible citizens of the world at the heart of the accreditation process. We invite you to join us on the journey to reimagine education.
Peter C. Mott is Director of NEASC/CIE.

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