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El Alsson Offers English to Villagers

By Marwan El Nashar
El Alsson  Offers English to Villagers

According to Sir Francis Bacon, “In charity there is no excess.” These words are held in great regard at El Alsson, truly the school that never stops giving.
Over the past years, the school has taken on an incredible amount of charitable endeavors, ranging from small community work to Operation Smile at the international level. Recently, and for the last five years, the school has been breaking new ground by offering free English lessons for the children and community surrounding the school. These charitable lessons were set up by Ms. Julie, also the head of the school’s Animal Care Club. ?Perhaps the most impressive fact about this initiative was the speed at which it was established and the sheer number of students willing to give up their time to help these underprivileged children.
Being involved in this initiative from the beginning, I was able to observe the eagerness of all of the students and staff alike. Upon meeting the children for the first time, the students quickly moved to introduce themselves and help ease the children’s apparent nerves. After a few minutes the theatre was humming with animated conversation, a truly beautiful sight.
Class difference was not an issue here, from six-year-olds to 14-year-olds, all the children were smiling and laughing after the first few minutes. Once introductions were made, we began to assess the children’s English, finding it far better than we had expected. What’s more, the children displayed a desire to learn, they pushed themselves and had improved greatly in less than an hour.
No desire to learn surpassed that of Farouk the security guard, however. Walking in shortly after the start of the lesson and asking if he could join—which was no small feat, considering he would be taught with children—Farouk made it apparent to everyone that his desire for knowledge was greater than his vanity.?
Over the brief time we have had a chance to teach these great children, I have seen nothing in them but a thirst for knowledge. They pushed themselves and were reluctant to leave after we were finished, they had so enjoyed their lesson. After walking them out, the El Alsson students who had volunteered quickly broke into conversation, boasting about their child’s knowledge or his improvement. It is clear that with such ambitious students and the support of the school and staff, we can help change the lives of these children and provide more of what they truly deserve.

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