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Building a Forum for Exchange

The Milan International Teacher Association (MITA) holds its first PD conference at The American School of Milan, MITA,
By Michael J. Hibbeln

Ninety-six international school teachers and assistants from fourteen area international schools attended the first annual Milan International Teacher Association (MITA) Conference at the American School of Milan on Saturday, November 21, 2015. The event included 33 session leaders from seven schools in northern Italy and Europe.
Topics ranged from “Infusing Kinesthetic Activities into Lessons” to ‘Best Practices with the New IB History Curriculum.” The keynote speech addressed creativity and problem solving, and was given by Frances Watson and Charlie Gilderdale of the NRICH organization from the University of Cambridge’s Millennium Mathematics Project in the U.K.
American School of Milan colleagues Emily Laninga, a first grade teacher, and Christopher Briner, an IB Biology and TOK teacher, were delighted with and invigorated by the success of the first ever MITA Conference. “It was exciting and refreshing to meet other teachers from area schools, both professionally and on a personal level,” Emily said.
Mr. Briner and Ms. Laninga are looking forward to participating in MITA 2017. Their vision is for MITA to take place at a different school in or around Milan each year. “We would like to see MITA become an institution for northern Italy and a conference that people here look forward to attending every year,” Chris said. “The purpose of this conference is to promote the expertise in our community and learn from one another. In the end, our goals are the same: teach our students well.”
Michael J. Hibbeln is Principal of the Elementary School at The American School of Milan in Italy.

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