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Eco Ed China Holds Earth Day Conference

Jim Anderson
Eco Ed China Holds Earth Day Conference

During the last year, five schools have coalesced to form an alliance that advocates for protecting the environment. Eco Ed China is an innovative idea that aims to see schools combine their resources and expertise to advance the notion that “together we can “ Go Greener.” This Earth Day, QSI of Dongguan, Utahaloy of Zengcheng, ISD of Dongguan, NCPA of Dongguan and SIS of Shenzhen united to have the first conference in Dongguan that solely was dedicated to the environment.
The keynote speaker for this first annual Eco Ed China Earth Day Conference was Tracey Read from Plastic Free Seas of Hong Kong. “I didn’t realize that humans have dumped so much plastic in the ocean. It is important that we pay attention to this issue,” stated Vera Lei, a 10th grade student from ISD. Ms. Read’s message astonished the student participants. A Texas sized area of plastic in the middle of the pacific and so much marine life carnage from eating plastic remnants were strong arguments to get students environmentally concerned.
The Alliance for Climate Change (ACE), an environmental organization out of the USA, presented via digital movies and Skype. Wen Lee, an ACE educator, answered questions after over a hundred students watched scientific and informative videos of how climate change is affecting our Earth. Ms. Lee encouraged students to “D.O.T.,” do one thing. Ms. Lee urged students to refrain from using plastic bottles, using plastic bags, or simply reducing what we use. This Earth Day conference was exciting for ACE because this was their first presentation in Asia.
Along with these two presenters, there were workshops given by teachers and students from the various schools. Students savored meatless dishes, planted seeds in a gardening workshop, learned about compost tea, and measured their energy footprint in an alternative energy workshop. Students were given a choice on which workshops they wanted to attend.
Eco Ed China is already looking forward to next year’s fall leadership conference and next year’s Earth Day conference. At the leadership conference, students will meet and plan environmental projects. Some of these projects will be in alliance with local Chinese environmental groups. Some projects will focus on educating people by selling merchandise with Chinese and English environmental slogans that promote going green.
Since the Earth Day conference, two schools have enquired about joining this alliance. If you wish to join or want to start your own Eco Ed organizations, you can go or email Jim Anderson at [email protected].

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