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The Global Search for Education: Learning to Live Together

C.M. Rubin
The Global Search for Education: Learning to Live Together

Teaching in a Global Landscape - Mindful Multiculturalism in Today's Classroom was the timely theme of the recent Twitter Chat hosted by The Global Search for Education (@CMRubinWorld) and Edmodo (@edmodo).
Featured guests Dr. William Gaudelli (Department Chair and Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University), Jessica Kehayes (Executive Director, Education, Asia Society), and Dana Mortenson (Co-Founder and Executive Director, World Savvy) were interviewed by CMRubinWorld about this timely global topic.
“As demography shifts and migration patterns make classrooms more ethnically and culturally diverse, the global knowledge economy demands graduates with nuanced, global skills.” says World Savvy Co-Founder Dana Mortenson. Mortenson believes it’s important schools set a tone that “values and leverages diversity as an asset. This cannot be an ‘add on’ or a checklist, but rather an ongoing effort marked by continuous learning and reflection.”
Gaudelli, Kehayes and Mortenson shared insights and numerous resources on how educators can teach global competency, the learning benefits for students, the role technology plays and the most successful strategies being used in classrooms currently.
Read the full article here.

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