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A Report from the International School Consultancy at AAIE

By Tiffani Razavi, TIE Staff Writer
A Report from the International School Consultancy at AAIE

Susan Kumriel, Head of Field Research at International School Consultancy (ISC) shared an annual update at AAIE's on the international schools market, with a special focus on inclusion.
She reported that over 50 percent of international schools today are in Asia, with the highest number of schools and students in the Middle East region. By country, China has the largest number of schools, followed closely by the UAE, which tops statistics for the number of students attending international schools.
While the UK curriculum remains most prevalent, Kumriel reported a significant increase in bilingual programs.
Growth is dominated by new schools in Asia and the Americas, mainly in South and Central America.
Inclusion research based on feedback from almost 600 schools indicated that approximately one third of schools have professional staff with learning difficulties, and that the sector is embracing both the challenges and opportunities of inclusion.

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