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Betts and Broman Receive the Walid Abushakra Award

Betts and Broman Receive the Walid Abushakra Award

Bambi Betts & Forrest Broman (who appeared via Skype) received the Walid Abushakra Award for Impact on International Education at the 50th annual Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) conference held in Atlanta, Georgia last week.
Initiated in 2013, the Walid Abushakra Award for Impact on International Education is conferred every year in conjunction with AAIE. The award ceremony and reception dinner is one of the highlights of the conference, bringing together international school heads, representatives of the U.S. Department of State, and other educational leaders.
The criteria for the Walid Abushakra Award are:
• Recognition for at least 15 years of service to international schools
• Recognition by colleagues and associates for outstanding performance or service to international schools
• Recognition for putting forth ideas and initiatives which serve to advance the standards of international education
• Recognition for personal dedication and commitment to the values inherent to international education.
The award is accompanied by a US$5000 contribution to the recipient’s cause of choice, which Bambi and Forrest directed towards the Children of Haiti Project (COHP).
Past honorees include John Magagna, Founding Director of Search Associates (2015);
Alan Travers, Former Coordinator of Education Career Services, Queen's University (2014);
and Ernest Mannino, Founder of the Office of Overseas Schools (2013).

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02/19/2016 - Karen Shrimpton
Congratulations on receiving this well deserved award! Your contributions and impact on international schools will always be remembered and appreciated,
02/19/2016 - linda
Both Forrest and Bambi have been and continue to be dear friends and inspirations in the field of education and in my life in general.



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