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Endicott Establishes New M.Ed Summer Study Center in San José, Costa Rica

By Richard Pacheco
Endicott Establishes New M.Ed Summer Study Center in San José, Costa Rica

The new center, which will open in July 2016, will be hosted by Endicott’s partner institution, The British School of Costa Rica, in San José, Costa Rica. It becomes Endicott’s fifth M.Ed. summer study center, following the highly successful establishment of the Bangkok summer study center in 2014, and the formerly established European centers in Spain, Switzerland and Czech Republic.
Endicott’s M.Ed. in International Education programs are offered through a blended approach of summer and online courses. The international focus of the programs, and the flexibility of the programs of studies, attract international school educators from all corners of the world.
“Without doubt, the decision to join Endicott’s long list of Alumni was a phenomenal choice, not only benefitting my professional life, but also my personal life” said Mark Knudson, Endicott 2009 Alumnus. “When a teacher decides to "go international," by nature they're "leaving" families and relationships that they’ve built in their home country, and it’s essential for them build new relationships across global environments. By joining a program like this, you’re coming in with a cohort who already shares a common interest of broadening their physical proximity and psychological mindset.”
“The Endicott M.Ed. International Program participants are educators from international schools world-wide; they are nationals from every continent” said Richard Pacheco, Dean, Endicott College Madrid; International M.Ed. Program Director. “Our three European summer study campuses are well established. The Bangkok campus, which was established in 2014, and the new campus in Costa Rica, add diversity to our summer locations appropriate for the true international nature of our programs. Not only are we offering outstanding international programs, but the possibility to study in stunning, diverse locations, where studies can be combined with tourism or vacation time”.
Applications may now be submitted for the 2016 summer courses in Costa Rica. Applicants may also choose to begin their studies with an online course in January 2016.
Endicott College is accredited by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC); its main campus is located in Beverly, Massachusetts. Richard Pacheco can be reached on [email protected]

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