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ISC Research: Demand from Local Families Fuels a Growing African Market

By Anne Keeling
ISC Research: Demand from Local Families Fuels a Growing African Market

New research announced last month indicates that the international schools market in Africa looks set to expand for at least the next ten years. Details were presented at the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) Conference 2015, which took place in Cape Town.
According to new data from ISC Research, part of the International School Consultancy and the leading provider of research and market intelligence on the world’s international schools, there are now 722 English-medium international schools throughout Africa employing 28,700 full time teaching staff and teaching more than 293,000 students.
The leading countries in Africa for English-medium international schools are Egypt with 183 international schools, Nigeria with 129 international schools, and Kenya with 64 schools. Approximately 65 percent of all international schools in Africa deliver (all or in part) a British curriculum.
Of the international schools within the AISA group (which has stringent criteria for membership), a British curriculum is even more popular—82 percent of member schools.
“Quality education that better enables graduates to find places in colleges and universities, both locally and abroad, is a key factor explaining why an increasing number of local families are sending their children to international schools,” explains Dr. Peter Bateman, Executive Director of AISA.
Research from ISC suggests that more than half of the students attending AISA member schools today are local children.
“As the economies in African countries have developed, an increasing number of local families have been sending their children to international schools,” explains Dr. Bateman. “This trend continues today. The globally recognised, internationally accredited curricula offered in AISA member schools is clearly an attraction for both local and expatriate families.”
Forecasts from the IC Research suggest that by 2025 there will be over 1,518 international schools in Africa teaching over 625,000 students. More data analysis and market intelligence on international schools in Africa is available in the ISC Global Market Report.
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