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Getting Innovation into the DNA of Your School

Getting Innovation into the DNA of Your School

Most high school students only get one school head, but today the students at the Nueva School in San Mateo, California were lucky enough to have 100! The Academy of International School Heads (AISH) hosted their annual OASIS Day in the open and welcoming spaces of the beautiful Nueva high school campus that just opened this past summer.
The topic of this year gathering of international school heads from around the world was Getting Innovation into the DNA of Your School. “What better place to hold it than here,” says Bambi Betts CEO of AISH, “Nueva is known for its distinctive inquiry-based interdisciplinary studies, constructivist project-based learning, and its pioneering work in social emotional learning and design thinking. Hosting discussions here means we can be immersed in a real learning environment designed to encourage innovation and students experiencing it can give us feedback.”
Along with Nueva, four other schools around the world shared their learning and best practices. The American School of Bombay led the session, discussing the structures and methodologies it has introduced school wide. They describe their Re.D Studio as, “a new operating system for sustaining innovation for relevant student learning.” School Head, Craig Johnson spoke enthusiastically about the changes the entire school has made implementing this approach. From the school calendar that gives regular breaks every seven weeks, to creating a maker-culture, and focusing on project-based learning, the new research and development team is now central to the way the school runs.
Other schools that presented their best practices included The International School of Beijing, Singapore American Schools, and Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American School of Lima.
The need for true rethinking of was summed up well by Barry Déquanne, Head of the American School of Brasilia, “There is only so much innovation we can do within education as it is structured today. Real innovation will only begin when we collectively agree that the 'fundamental structures of school' are flawed, and we collectively construct alternatives to them.”
Find out more about the best practices shared today:
American School of Bombay
The international School of Beijing, Futures Academy
Singapore American School
Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The American School of Lima
The Nueva School

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