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Tashkent Turns Twenty

By Angie Cairns Kuschel
Tashkent Turns Twenty

Take almost 500 eager students in preschool through Grade 12, add more than 100 staff members, and top it all off with a very energetic, ready-for-anything staff photographer and you end up with one memorable moment.
At Tashkent International School, that moment came on Friday, October 3, 2014 when Erik Peterson took the first aerial photo of the entire TIS student body and faculty to commemorate the school’s 20th anniversary.
As the students and faculty members gathered, Erik stood atop the three-story main classroom building, calling out instructions. For their attention to instructions and incredible patience, the students were treated to an ice cream snack once the photo was done and people were allowed to leave their spots.
The campus once again sprang to life as children milled around in the warm fall weather, enjoying their unexpected treats and visiting with friends before grabbing their backpacks and heading home for the week-long fall break.
Congratulations to all the students, faculty, and entire TIS community on this wonderful milestone! Twenty years as an international learning community in the heart of Central Asia is indeed something to be proud of.

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